5 Tips for Holiday Cheer

A popping champagne bottle rests next to the words, "5 Tips for Holiday Cheer."

It’s Santa! I know him! We full on embody the spirit of Buddy the Elf during the holidays and that shit can be EXHAUSTING. Which is why, we are writing this blog on managing your holiday cheer so you can enjoy some down time without feeling the need to please everyone.

Set Boundaries

It is physically impossible to be in two places at the same time, which is why you are not going to hit every holiday gathering. Be realistic with what you can handle, being around people/family can be a lot. Instead of going to a huge get together, schedule dinner at a restaurant after the holidays. You can celebrate individually, there are no set rules on celebrating a holiday. 

Say No

No is your bestie this holiday season. Get real familiar with it. You are not obligated to do anything you don’t want to. Read that again, you are not obligated to go to that party, dinner, lunch or gift exchange. Guilt is an asshole and you are not going to give it any power.

It’s (Really) Not About the Gifts

The holiday season can be incredibly stressful, let alone when it’s happening in the middle of a recession. Gifting isn’t a competition, especially if you’re going through a financial squeeze. Take deep breath and get creative instead. Remember those silly little coupons you’d make for your parents when you were little? The ones they could redeem to have you do the chores or make dinner? Gifts like that can still go a long way in adulthood. Focus on gifted experiences and handmade presents. After all, the Amazon driver’s already exhausted. They don’t need another house to hit up.

Get Some Rest

All the buzz of holidays is truly exhausting. Although we hope you are able to set those boundaries we talked about before, we know there are simply things you may not want to miss out and thus, you may have a pretty packed schedule at times. Or, with all the time-off looming, you’re anticipating burning the midnight oil to make sure all your work is done so that you can truly enjoy that time-off. It happens, but please, do not forget to rest. You’re not going to have much fun at that holiday party if you’re burnt out and you’re certainly not going to enjoy the full effects of your time-off if you’re just in recovery mode.

Treat Yourself 

Enough fuss about treating those all around you, it’s time to give yourself some love for a change. P.S. This is a lesson you NEED to be bringing into 2023. The holiday season is a different level of stress and every people-pleasure’s worst nightmare. Taking (at least) one day to treat yourself during your holiday break can be your fix. Treating yourself doesn’t have to be the stereotypical “get in a bubble bath with cucumbers over your eyes” early 2000s movie scene. It could simply be laying in bed all day, finally getting around to binge-watching that one show you’ve been dying to see, going on a shopping trip, or even eating strictly your favorite foods for the entire day. Go crazy, or go simple. Just treat yourself. 

Cue the Movies & the Music

Want an instant fix of holiday cheer? Turn on Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas with a cookie (or 10). Whatever your favorite holiday movie is, it can immediately transfer you to the days of waiting for Santa and decorating your childhood Christmas tree. Even when the Christmas cheer is low, a movie or holiday album (we’re looking at you, Michael Buble) can turn it around.

We overshot our tips by one, but that’s just how we do. We like to exceed your expectations.

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