Marketing to Gen Z

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Would you believe we consulted Rolling Stone for this blog? We did

Everyone wants to unravel the mystery of Gen Z, totaling some 68 million people, Gen Z (the oldest of which will turn 24 this year) makes up roughly 20% of the U.S. population. F*ck we’re old.

Gen Zers are progressive, more racially and ethnically diverse than the generations before them, and on track to be the best educated generation. This generation also avoids labeling themselves, is radically inclusive and takes time to evaluate all of their options before committing to a purchase.

We like them but marketing to them is complex. According to PR Daily, even tech giants have a hard time appealing to this generation. Facebook has a Gen Z problem. Instagram has a Gen Z problem. Even Netflix has a Gen Z problem. Side note: Maybe Netflix should stop asking if we’re still watching…we are, no need to shame us.

Marketing to them, requires companies to put in the work.

Traditional Marketing Doesn’t Work

Release the death grip on the brochure, it’s time to move on. Brochures are out, visually appealing digestible content is in. Gen Z wants to watch what they want, when they want and they want it available NOW. Content needs to be bite-sized, interactive – think TikTok. The social platform is overflowing with Gen Zs,  with over 680 million users worldwide and 25% of TikTok users in the US between the ages of 10-19, TikTok is a vital component of any brand’s strategy to connect with Gen Z.

Bye, Bye Celebrities

Gen Z wants to hear from influencers their age, they can’t relate to celebrities and view them as fake (don’t we all). According to MarketingDive, Gen Z is almost twice as likely as millennials to make a purchase based on a recommendation of an influencer. As a brand, this means you need to find influencers who are a fit for your product. They should have a natural affinity for your products or services. Let Gen Z talk to Gen Z.

One Size Does Not Fit All

A spray and pray approach is not gonna work for Gen Z. They LOVE personalized content and ads. Hell they train their algorithms by clicking, watching, liking and sharing the content they want to see more of. Use data to determine how to segment and communicate with the various subgroups within Gen Z.

Gen Z has some pretty high standards and you need to earn their trust. They won’t tolerate brands that have no social conscience. They have to believe in your product and company before they’ll ever consider buying from you.

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