Gen Z Slang – A Guide

Gen Z Slang with multi-colored rings

Ever wonder what the hell “cap” means or why people keep throwing around canceled like it’s an adjective?

Us too.

Which is why we figured, if we can benefit from a blog on Gen Z slang and what the hell it all means, so can you. Special thanks to intern Emma for ensuring we maintain our cool factor throughout this blog.

Also, thanks to Reader’s Digest for doing all the below research so we didn’t have to.


Meaning: To stop supporting something or someone by doing a number of things, including boycotting their work, products, or unfollowing on social media.

Example: “Chrissy Teigen is so canceled. You can’t just bully people on the internet.” 


Meaning: Something that’s considered false or an outright lie. It’s most commonly used in the phrase “no cap,” which means “no lie.”

Example: “They are the best PR agency ever—no cap.” We already know it’s us, not them. 

Catch these hands:

Meaning: To start a fight. It used to be called fisticuffs, but alas, no more.

Example: “You did not just say that about my amazing boss—you ‘bout to catch these hands.”


Meaning: To criticize or make fun of something. Many people equate dragging someone to roasting someone.

Example: “Why are you dragging Jen so hard today?”


Meaning: A cool sense of style. It can refer to clothes or the way someone carries themselves.

Example: “Kim’s drip is timeless. Those shoes!”


Meaning: The act of getting what you want by tricking or manipulating someone.

Example: “I finessed Jules into dog sitting next week.”


Meaning: To stop communicating with someone out of the blue.

Example: “I was talking to this guy, but he ghosted me last week.”

Glow up:

Meaning: To go through a positive physical, mental, or spiritual change.

Example: “We gave their website a major glow up.”

Hits different:

Meaning: Used to describe something that stands out from the rest or makes you feel different compared to other things.

Example: “Jen’s dad jokes definitely hit different.”

I’m dead:

Meaning: An expression to use when you find something hilarious.

Example: “Did you hear Kim’s joke? I’m dead.” Usually done after one of Jen’s terrible dad jokes.

Periodt: (no, we did not misspell this, it’s legit the word)

Meaning: A more intense version of “period” meant to add emphasis to the point being made.

Example: “Taylor Swift is the best—periodt.” —Phrase stolen directly from Emma.

There are about 30 more we can share, but honestly, our heads are spinning. If you use any of these on the regular, we want to know how. Drop your phrase below…so we can mock you.

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