Lessons Learned From TikTok

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Apparently, we’re a little obsessed with TikTok lately…Kim blames this on her brother sending her videos no less than 3 times a day and the staff nonstop discussing cleaning, make-up, cooking and dance tips.

Some of us do not TikTok—Jen, Kim, Ro, Skye—so these tips come from the rest of the team.

While TikTok is often a source for addictive videos of power washing, dancing, and frosting cookies, it can occasionally teach you a few super important things.

That’s the case with a recent viral TikTok, which shed light on a hugely important thing for people to know. If you make under a certain amount of money, hospitals can forgive all of your bill. Yup. All of it. All you’ve got to do is search for your hospital name and then “financial assistance” to find their scale. For example, Mercy Health offers a 100% discount for medically necessary procedures for anyone making 0-200% of the poverty level. That’s some life-saving stuff! Thanks, Tiktok! 

So what we’re saying is TikTok can most definitely serve a purpose. In fact, one of our staff members learned some really awesome Microsoft Excel hacks, interview tips (to prep and land their job 💁‍♀️), social media management updates, and of course, some light-hearted career humor on #CorporateTikTok. 

The social media network is also very lifestyle-focused, take creator, itsmetinx, aka Christina Najjar, aka the internet’s “Big Sister.” She has influenced PR Manager, Jules, to buy SEVERAL things. In addition to her stellar dating advice, #RichMomEnergy and great accessorization, Tinx has an ongoing list of items that she simply loves and help make her life easier. The “Adult Sippy Cup” as she calls it, is cannon in Tinx Culture and comes in every color you can imagine. She has also inspired others to hold funerals for potential suitors who ghost and reminds everyone near daily that “comparison is the thief of joy,” which really, if you think about it, applies to everything in life. So shout out to our internet big sis, Tinx! Thanks for the advice! 

Our resident college student credits TikTok with her stellar dancing, new hobbies, Taylor Swift conspiracy theories and the ability to cook for herself. 

In conclusion, follow these hashtags #BookTok, #CorporateTikTok, #RichMomEnergy and whatever else you feel like and set some boundaries. Otherwise, you may find yourself sucked into the neverending vortex that is TikTok.

For more tips on keeping up with the Gen Zs, reach out to us.

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