The Intersection of PR and Podcasting

The Intersection of PR & Podcasting text over a image of a four way stop

It feels like everyone has a podcast these days, and if you’re thinking the same thing, you’re right. They do. According to a Podcast Insights 2021 study, over 2 million podcasts exist, and 16 million people are “avid podcast fans.” 

Does avid mean they are all obsessed with Crime Junkie like our president, Jen? We’re going to go ahead and assume so. Just to be safe. 

What’s interesting about podcasts is the role they have started to play in public relations. Whether you’re starting one yourself (don’t do this unless you have outside help) or pitching your client for an interview, podcasts have the ability to reach a very wide audience. 

Since we were already researching for ourselves, we wanted to share the benefits of including podcasts in your PR strategy. Here is the caveat, podcasts are a lot of work. Whether it is getting your client on one or starting one, you need a content calendar, intro, outro, editing software, interesting guests and most of all; you need the right topics and host. Yes, everyone and their mother can start a podcast, but that doesn’t mean they should. (Please don’t.)

Maybe you’ll become a thought leader (if you hire the right PR team)

Before you start a podcast, you need to find the right content/topic mix. Podcasts should be entertaining while educating. That’s why the host is so important. Speaking in monotone for 30 minutes straight is a surefire way to avoid securing any new subscribers. Instead, we recommend incorporating a mix of industry news, current events and guests who can talk about both.

Podcasting can help companies build relationships with listeners; when combined with other marketing tactics, this can be an extremely effective communication tool.  It can also be great for business development. Connect with a company you would like to work with and ask the CEO to share their business story. Bam. You just made a connection.

On the flip side, finding podcasts for your clients to be interviewed on is a great way to gain traction around specific storylines or existing PR campaigns. For example, if you are currently pitching mental health topics related to returning to work, you would look for podcasts surrounding leadership and management or those specific to lifestyle. Finding the right audiences will help position your client as a subject matter expert.

It’s all about relationships

Like all things PR, it has to be about relationships. Whether you are the guest or welcoming a guest, you need to resonate with the listener. Integrate storytelling, focus on human connection and provide beneficial information or tips. Basically, be relevant, and the listeners/subscribers will come. 

It’s integrated communications

Podcasting needs to be integrated with your existing PR strategy and must be tied back to data, as always. Think landing pages, social media shares, email marketing and blogs—all content, whether created or earned, needs to be repurposed across other mediums.

We’ll leave you with this, if starting one or trying to star on one, make sure the focus is on high-quality. Whether that is the sound or editing, the podcast reflects on you and your company. Don’t cheap out.
Remember, it’s all about the connection, people or airwaves. So don’t be shy, connect with us today.

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