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Sometimes we feel like a broken record, but this point deserves to be made again and again and again. We set out to be a different type of agency; an agency focused on the client, not ourselves. You may think to yourself, well duh – that only makes sense. 

99% of agencies run off of billable hours, which means they bill back every phone call, thought, email, conversation…in 15-minute increments. Hell, they spend more time tracking time than they do researching what reporters to pitch your story to.

This is not a winning partnership for companies, and it certainly isn’t one you should settle for – instead of focusing on results, you’ll be worried about the monthly invoice. 

If you’re looking for our advice on having a great relationship with your agency partner (hire us), check out below.


You’ve heard the saying; all good relationships are built on trust. Trust is built on honesty, and both parties have to understand the importance.

We pride ourselves on being real. We lean into tough conversations because we have more than a decade’s worth of experience that has taught us those are the moments that generate the best results. We will never tell you what you want to hear if that isn’t our recommendation; we will respectfully and openly share feedback to support success.  


Right after honesty, comes communication. You need to feel heard by your agency, and they need to keep you updated on items in progress. Whether you are paying $3,500/mo or $20,000/mo, you shouldn’t be kept in the dark, and there should be regular communication check-ins. You’d be surprised how often we hear, “we have no idea what they are doing and we can’t seem to get them on the phone.” Um…say what? They work for you, so they sure as hell better pick up when you call.

We joke that we are available 24/7 to our clients, which in the world of PR is pretty damn spot on. No matter what services we are delivering, our clients have 24/7 access to our project management system, where they can view real-time calendars, files, and to-do lists. That access, coupled with weekly emailed updates and regular in-person meetings, means our clients will be along for the ride every step of the way.


In a true partnership, each party has duties and responsibilities they need to stay on top of to keep moving forward. For the client, it is reviewing material, paying invoices, providing feedback, and being available for media interviews. On the flip side, the agency needs to present opportunities to you in a timely manner, follow up on timelines and manage expectations.

We have a set process for managing each client relationship. We provide bi-weekly updates with assigned action items, monthly calls, and monthly reports with recommendations and observations. We are also very honest at the beginning of our relationship and communicate what we need to be successful.

If you don’t feel you can trust your current partner, you know where to find us. Just remember, we don’t mince words and will always be forthright and blunt in our pursuit of your goals.

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