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Drew Barrymore holds up Lavender Life's neck wrap

Whether it was the result of a well-timed star alignment or simply the fact that we aim to elevate women’s voices all year round, we were able to tell some pretty awesome stories about some badass ladies during Women’s History Month.

Take a gander (it’s what all the kids are saying) at what we’ve been up to this past month and then call us cause we’re awesome at PR.

Drew’s Our Girl

Our client, Lavender Life was featured on The Drew Barrymore show where Drew and Ross chatted about the Comfort Therapy Duo. The neck wrap and eye pillow, heavenly both hot and cold, are packed with nearly 1 lb. of non-GMO grains and of course, lavender. They hold the heat beautifully when warmed and cast that divinely signature, lavender scent. Let’s be honest, we could all use a little more chill nowadays.

We worked with Drew’s amazing producer to provide gifts for audience members and samples for Drew to try out. This was a big win for our client, and resulted in 153% increase in sales from the following month.

Yeah, we’re pretty damn proud of that.

Mental Health

With one wild, world-tipping year under our collective belts, we figured March was as good of time as any to take on the subject of mental health. The Cascade Community Foundation launched their Q&A Livestream, “Isolated – A Mental Health Discussion” to tackle the topic of suicide, mental illness and more. As a company that champions mental health and has implemented mental health days agency-wide, we were incredibly proud to underwrite the series.

Kim chats with WZZM’s Val Lego here. Kim also wrote an article on her mental health journey. Read it here.

Expanding again

Our client, Gateway Pediatric Therapy, just can’t stop growing, and we’re thrilled to fan their flame. They announced their 9th location this month in Owosso. They chatted with Michigan Business Network, Grand Rapids Business Journal, Argus Press and WGVU.

There is even more coming up for our amazing client. You’ll just need to stay tuned.

We also were given the opportunity to share the story of La Fuente Communications, author Wade Rouse’s newest book release, and TOC Logistics take on the Biden Administrations major priorities in their first 100 days.

Keep your eyes glued here all year as we continue to make waves—it’s only March after all, and we’re just getting started. Reach out to us for PR support. We got you.

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