Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

A journal rests on a desk. The journal reads, "Write ideas."

We were asked the other day what marketing tips we would give to small businesses if we had to narrow it down to only three. We really like to talk and write and overwhelm with words…so it was a challenge. Download our ebook here, which has way more tips in it and so many useful tools. 

Have Good Content

Blogs are always great content for social media. They’re also the key for improving your search engine optimization (SEO), which is the way you rank in Google. Visuals make a big impact here, because social media can often get overwhelming. Having a strong social sharing image is the easiest way to cut through all the noise and make your account stand out. Gated content (i.e. creating eBooks that can be teased on social media) is another way of standing out from the crowd. This not only gives your brand credibility, but it also increases traffic that is more likely to generate quality leads. 

Use Social Media

Try to play off current trends or popular topics. If you aren’t linking to your website in posts, then what the heck are you sharing (put down the meme)? Still, don’t sound overly promotional. No one wants a feed that is entirely advertisements. Your links should be useful and relevant to your audience (did we mention blogging? Go blog!). If you aren’t getting the engagement you want, play around with your posting times. Some audiences are more active at different times of the day. You never know what will get the most engagement until you test it out.

Leverage Your Team

Your team is just as important on social as it is off of social. Make sure they’re engaging with your content and sharing it with their followers. People who care about them will care about their work, too! We have seen a lot of return on engagement through cross-promotion. Encouraging your team to share your content makes a huge difference. Don’t forget to pay attention to your analytics, as well. By focusing on the data, you begin to pick up on the things that work and find more consistent engagement. 

So there you go. There are three top suggestions to help out small businesses right now. Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure to check out our free reopening social media assets. Then send us a chat. We’d love to offer you even more great ideas.

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