True Love: Our Favorite Past Events

An image of donuts from the 8THIRTYFOUR Nothing Party in August 2020.

In case you didn’t notice, we love a good party. In fact, we love parties so much we’re writing a Valentine’s Day blog specifically about our love of parties.
If you haven’t attended one of our parties, there’s still time. Our Nothing Party is February 27th and it is gonna be epic.
#Team834 has voted, and below are the top gatherings and parties we have been a part of.


The staff took a bonding trip to Chicago back in October. Let’s just say what happens in Chicago stays in Chicago…minus Chris’ dancing and Lizzo quotes. Those we’ll share with everyone. We spent two days strategizing, eating, drinking and going to shows. We highly recommend Second City. You’ll laugh your ass off.
Pro: Bonding time
Con: AirBNB was less than stellar…Kim is never allowed to pick one again.
A photo of Erica Statly, Brianna Zimmer, Ro Leo, and Chelsea Miller before the 8THIRTYFOUR Chicago trip.


We really did it up for Christmas. The staff gathered at Egypt Valley Country Club for apps, dinner, a gift exchange and all the drinks. Significant others are always invited, because someone has to drive us home (we’re kidding. Kind of). This year, we played the game, Werewolf, which we won’t even try to explain, but Lain and Chris crushed it. If you have further questions, please reach out to
Pro: The presents
Con: Kim losing werewolf
A photo of the 8THIRTYFOUR team eating lunch during the Chicago team trip.


This night was a special one for us. The West Michigan Public Relations Society of America and Inclusive Performance Strategies put on this event to challenge the community to recognize their privilege. We heard from multiple speakers who shared their experiences and left the audience in tears.
Pro: Two organizations working together for the greater good of our community
Cons: There are none, obviously
A photo of GVSU students at West MI is Not Nice.


Doughnuts, champagne pong, a boozie slushie machine, an inflatable pool, Flamingo lawn ornaments, cornhole…need we say more?
Just take a look at the pics. We crushed this party theme.
Pro: Doughnuts and more doughnuts
Con: There were a lot of selfies…and Chris being a “bro”
Jen sitting on the couch in the 8THIRTYFOUR office.
A photo of an 8THIRTYFOUR employee photographing the Creative Lead, Chelsea Miller, and her fiancee.


We headed down to Brush Studios in Grand Rapids as a team building activity. It was Kim’s most favorite activity. We drank, ate cheese, painted and laughed our asses off. It’s good to get out of the office and remember why you work so well together.
Pro: Creativity at its finest and the sweet signs now hanging up in our homes
Con: Kim’s lack of painting talent
The 8THIRTYFOUR team does team bonding at Brush Studio.


We love a good excuse to dress in 90s clothes and eat all the munchies. We mean, we had Zima, animal crackers, Hostess cupcakes, all the 90s candy and there was more stonewash then we’ve seen in decades.
Pro: Zima and jolly ranchers
Con: The stonewash
In case you haven’t noticed, we know how to crush the hell out of a theme, and yes, we are available for hire. We are the ultimate party planners. Shoot us an email and we’ll kill your next gathering.
A photo of goodies from the Summer in the 90s party at the 8THIRTYFOUR office.

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