How to Focus When Your Office is Distracting

A photo of a lighted sign that reads "FOCUS", and is slightly out of focus.

Here at the 8THIRTYFOUR office, it can get kind of loud. After all, with dogs running around the office, meetings, dogs barking, phones ringing, chatter, dogs sitting on your lap, being shot at with Nerf darts (which is happening as we type this blog), and more, it’s easy to get distracted. But despite all that, we get shit done around here. So here’s how you, too, can crush it even when your office gets wild.

Rock Out

Agency life means the office is hustling and bustling every day. Being surrounded by conversations all around your desk, hearing dogs barking (did we mention the dogs yet? You get the idea), or whatever the distractions are at your office means you may need to tune out some noise. To do that, we recommend putting your headphones in and turning on your favorite song or podcast. Once you block out the distractions, you’ll be able to focus more clearly and get in the zone. Having headphones on also decreases the chances of a coworker interrupting your work to ask a question or start a conversation. If you’re extra devious, you can keep your headphones on even if you’re not listening to anything at all (we promise not to tell).

Change It Up

Sometimes you really need to step away from your desk to regain your focus. This can be as simple as moving to a different area in your office for a change in scenery or taking a 15-minute walk outside. Another great tip is to keep your phone out of sight (okay, maybe not completely out of sight because of the industry we’re in). But if you’re anything like us, you’re continuously getting new notifications popping up on your phone screen. Keep your phone out of sight, even if it’s just for a half hour while you crush your to-do list. It’ll stop your mind from wandering off about whatever madness is going on at home or with friends.

Get (Good) Smells

Sometimes it’s great to jog your brain with a good-smelling incentive. Not only can essential oils and candles make your desk smell great, but the scents can help you reel it in and focus. Just be sure to ask your coworkers before you start blasting scents into the air. Here are some of our favorite scents for when you absolutely need to get shit done:

  • Vetiver: This oil has a fun, exotic smell, and some people find that it helps calm emotions and reduce stress.
  • Peppermint: There are a bunch of studies about peppermint and focusing. Pop a mint, light a candle, or use some essential oils for a mental boost to tackle those big projects.
  • Basil: Not only does this smell delicious (and remind us of pizza), but some people find that it helps reduce anxiety and calm their stress.

Need more advice? We’ve got tips for everything. Get in touch if you want to see how else we can help you or if you just want more focusing hacks. We can’t wait to help you crush your projects.

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