How to ROCK Influencer Marketing

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We live in a strange and crazy world. Just look around. Cars can sort of drive themselves, our president has a terrible spray tan, and people make hundreds of dollars a day just by taking photos and posting them online. It’s pure insanity.

While we could have never predicted that Adidas would test their shoes by sending them to space, the invention of bacon flavored ice cream, or the rise of social media influencers, we here at 8THIRTYFOUR aren’t mad about any of it. Why? All of it has created some amazing opportunities for marketing our clients.

What is influencer marketing?

We’re so glad you asked. See, influencer marketing is basically the love child of celebrity endorsements and online marketing. Make sense? No? Okay, let’s try again. Influencer marketing is all about finding the right person, with a large and rabid following, and working with them to promote a brand or product by leveraging their social presence. Got it?

It sounds simple enough, but there’s more to it than finding someone who has a lot of followers, pointing a camera, and telling them to say cheese. When looking for an influencer, it’s important to focus on authenticity and content, not just a lot of followers (it’s a bot-eat-bot world out there). If their audience doesn’t trust or engage with their content, paying that influencer to promote your brand is a waste of resources…and boy do they charge some $$ now.

Influencers are hired to work with brands and promote them using their social base. The influencer has to represent your clients target demographic and have a track record of success.

Okay, but does it work?

Yes. Yes, it does, because influencer marketing is about people talking to people about brands. Think about it this way: which would you trust more, a targeted ad for the newest restaurant in town, or a friend telling you about the wonderful experience they had? Let’s be real. You’re more likely to believe your friend because you trust their opinion. Right? Well, the same goes for influencers! While they might not be your close personal friend, they have the ability to persuade audiences because the people who follow them feel like they’re besties. They might not be actual friends, but it can feel like they are.

Got Any Advice?

Of course. Like we said earlier, doing an influencer campaign is all about the research and finding the right influencer. There are tons of accounts out there that have high follower counts, but that doesn’t always translate into high engagement or a return on investment for your brand, some of those followers are bought – GASP! Do your research first. Check to see who is commenting, liking and engaging with an influencer’s content before you issue the green light.

It’s also important to find the influencer that will reach your target audience. Just like when you build a media list, you want to find the right person to tailor your message to. If you’re trying to promote your makeup brand through influencers, pick the beauty blogger, not the sports fanatic.

Let’s Do It!

Are you ready to use some kickass influencer marketing? Contact us. Influencer campaign or not, we can rock anything!

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