Blogging & SEO Sitting In A Tree (K I S S I N G)

It’s 2019, which means that there are over 1.9 billion websites on the internet. 1.9 billion! If you’re bad with numbers, that’s a lot…a whole lot.

With all that clutter from sites and content, getting people to find and visit your websites can be a headache. That is why you need to make sweet, sweet love to Search Engine Optimization (SEO. It’s like the metaphorical honey in a fly trap. When your site’s slathered in SEO, you’ve got yourself a bunch of visitors. We really didn’t mean for this paragraph to sound this sexual, but here we are.

Anyways…back to the fascinating world of keywords, metadata and content. Our amazing digital team wrote up this breakdown to let you know all about why fresh content from blogs will help visitors find your site and want to stick around. Keep reading for a bunch of sweet tips (get it? Because of the honey? We’re hilarious. We know).

Long Tail Keywords

Before you can understand why long tail keywords are super helpful for SEO and blogs, it’s important to know what they are. A long tail keyword is a 3-4 word phrase that contains keywords which are extremely specific to your content.

The idea behind this type of keyword is that people who are searching for longer phrases have a pretty good idea of what they’re looking for. That means they’re more likely to convert into a paying customer. When you write blogs, you can include long tail keywords in your content to lure in this type of visitor and boost your SEO.

Social Sharing

When it comes to SEO, there are two categories: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO are tactics you do on your website (hence the name) like including keywords on your blogs.

Off-page SEO includes links from places off your site like social media or other rocking blogs. When you make valuable, shareable content, people are more likely to share your blogs on their social profiles and blog pages. Not only does this increase views, but it also boosts your SEO rank. Why? Because the external links make Google automatically see your blog as more credible. It’s a win-win.

Fresh Content

Okay, this one is huge. What good is a blog if you only update it once every three months?! Also, it looks bad…like real bad.

When you blog, you need to do it frequently. Not only will your loyal blog readers appreciate consistent and new content, but the search engines are constantly seeking out and indexing new content. Why is that important? The sections of your site that describe your company and services are likely to remain static. That means blogging is the easiest way to generate fresh content regularly. Plus, it’s an incentive for your visitors to keep coming back.

SEO will be around as long as internet algorithms are, so don’t count on it disappearing any time soon. Better start writing now!

If you include these three tips in your digital strategy, you can see results in no time. Need help making an SEO strategy that actually works? Reach out to us. We can help you with all the ins and out of internet searches and get that organic traffic up to where it should be. Plus, we’re real fun.

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