Core Value #3: We Put You First

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The day-to-day life at 8THIRTYFOUR is filled with fun, productivity, and absolutely owning our brand. That’s because everyone on our staff follows a series of core values that embody what 8THIRTYFOUR is about.
You’ve already read about our first and second values (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?), so we’re continuing the series with our third core value. It’s ironically, “We Put You First.”
This value’s important in a lot of ways, aside from the obvious. So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and let’s dive in.

We Put Clients First

Picture this: there’s an event on a Saturday. That Thursday, our client lets us know that they need more people to attend. So, what do we do? We hit the streets, grab our phones, and make that event absolutely killer (and packed).
Why? Because we care about our clients. Our team makes things happen, even if it means we have to work a little or a lot harder to do it.
But when we say we put clients first, we’re also talking about tough love. We’ve had people come to us before with an idea of what they want. Then, after we talk it over with them, we realize that isn’t the best fit for their business.
When that happens, we put what’s best for the client first. Sure, if the client still wants their original vision after we’ve explained our reservations, we’ll put everything into making it happen.

We Put Coworkers First

“You” is such a broad pronoun, isn’t it? That’s why it applies to our team, too.
Agency life is crazy by definition. We are always making sure everyone is in a good headspace and equipped with everything they need. We keep an eye on each other, and if someone seems stressed, we jump in and help out.
Our team is the type to take on tasks when someone seems overwhelmed, and we do regular “temperature checks” where we communicate if we need help. We’re about asking for help and also about offering it. Why? Because when we support each other, we do amazing things.

Why “We Put You First?”

Honestly? Because it’s important. We joke around here a lot about the fact that our third core value is about putting you first, but it’s a foundation that we take seriously. Our team wants to work with you to achieve awesome things. We like becoming a part of your team and are really invested in your success.
We put you first, because you’re important to us (we’re sounding sappy now, we know). Some big firms out there take on a bunch of clients, no matter who they are and what they want, that isn’t us. Why would we work with a client that we don’t care about? It doesn’t make sense to us. Without you, there’d be no us!
Ready to work with a team that wants you to succeed? Reach out to us today. We’d love to get to know you and help you crush those marketing goals.

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