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That’s right. We’re continuing our rant from earlier in the week. Avoid these digital marketing mistakes or just call us and we’ll take care of it.
Oh, and if you haven’t thanked a digital person lately, do it. They keep your world up and running. That includes the person posting, optimizing, tagging and scheduling this blog.


Once your campaign strategy is complete, your creative looks baller, your messaging has been tested to ensure that it resonates with your audience, and you have solidified your value offering, it’s time to launch your campaign. However, that’s only the beginning.
Routine maintenance and ongoing testing are critical to the success of your digital campaigns. Make sure your digital team is reviewing and optimizing your advertisements regularly. We set aside time multiple days every week to check in on metrics, try out new concepts, and make sure things are stellar.


Impression metrics like cost-per-click, click-through-rate, and impression share will help you determine the effectiveness of various campaigns, sure. But if you want to demonstrate a clear ROI, your team needs data from conversion tracking.
Conversion metrics will give you powerful answers to some of your team’s biggest questions, like:

  • How many leads were generated from this campaign?
  • How many of those turned into new customers?
  • How many widgets were sold from these campaigns?
  • How many people have signed up for your email newsletter as a result of your search engine optimization?


Your audience is not just interacting with your brand on Facebook. They’re also hearing from you in email newsletters, personal email communication, event appearances, and other platforms. That’s great, because people need to be exposed to your message at least 7 times before it will really sink in.
That’s why you need to integrate your digital strategy with your other marketing techniques. Make sure you’re thinking through all touch points and blasting your message loud and clear to maximize results.


If you’re wondering how your current campaigns are set up, or if you’re not sure where to start, connect with our digital team today. We can perform a digital audit, give you some suggestions, and get you back on your advertising feet.

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