8 Must Follow Brands On Social Media

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Raise your hand if you stalk certain brands on the socials 👋🏻. We all have our favorites, based on our style, lifestyle, food choices, families and hobbies. Because we are awesome, our team did extensive research (ok, we voted) and these are the brands who stand out by the products they feature and the stories they tell.
Add the following brands to your Instagram, you’ll thank us later.
The top nine posts from Target's instagram showcase the brand.


Target is not your typical store, they are a lifestyle brand that has captivated us with their relatable ads, affordable designer fashions, home décor (hello Magnolia); and delicious food offerings. They are also a brand that isn’t afraid to take a stance on a social, economic, environmental, or political problem.
Their Instagram feed is the definition of beautiful with product, customers, fashion and home design inspiration. Did we mention there is at least one post a week that features a cute animal? Yeah, that kinda sold us.
State of Grace's top nine Instagram posts showcase black, white, and pink.


When it comes to sassy brands, few can top State of Grace. Based in Canada, State of Grace has everything from clothing to wine glasses with snarky, sarcastic and hilarious sayings.

Their feed’s color theme is 100% in-line with their brand and entices you to stock your cabinets, closet, and home with all their products.

Bando's Instagram account shows images of pandas, smiling cookies, and more.


What started out as an avant-garde headband company, has now become a company offering planners, agendas, wall art and clothing.
The company is actively working to empower women and reduce the stigma around mental health. Their posts inspire confidence, and encourage followers to embrace themselves not matter what they are feeling. Give this brand a follow and be sure to check out ban.do CEO Jen Gotch’s podcast Jen Gotch is Ok… Sometimes.
The Air BnB Instagram account's top nine photos show off sweeping scenery and cozy escapes.


Wanderlust anyone? Airbnb should come with a warning, “will cause severe travel envy.” If you love to travel, or just want to drool over exotic locations, this is the account for you.
The posts feature actual homes, apartments, bungalows, cabins (you get the drift), available to rent through the Airbnb app. What are you waiting for? Start saving for your next trip and get your inspiration through Airbnb.
The top nine photos on Tito's Instagram showcase dogs wearing bandanas.


We love vodka as much (or more) as the next person, but when you combine it with dogs, well that is just some next level shit. Tito’s Vodka has a pawesome program called “Vodka for Dog People” which is dedicated to bettering the lives of pets and families. Tito’s recognizes the importance of a canine companion and great vodka. It is a match made in heaven.
So, pour yourself some Tito’s and click the link in their bio to meet the “co-woofer” of the month.
The top nine posts on Anthropologie's Instagram show off fashion, home decor, and livestyle images.


We simply cannot get over how calming the Anthropologie feed is. While the brand is most commonly known for their apparel, their home collection is simply divine (and ridiculously overpriced). Their account features beautiful home pieces paired with stylish clothing that will only ever look good on models. But hey, we can dream, right?
They also feature amazing architecture from around the world that will have you itching to travel (see Airbnb). 
Rebel GR's Instagram shows colorful products arranged throughout the store.


We support local, and you should to. One of our favorite local shops, Rebel, has a feed that will have you dropping $250 every time you walk in the store (we have proof of this). From unique gifts to home décor, Rebel has the coolest of the cool.
It’s time to up your gift-giving game, follow Rebel on Instagram now, you won’t regret it. Their account is so great, we may or may not have post notifications turned on.
The 8THIRTYFOUR Instagram showcases colrful images that show off blog quotes and team members.


Oh, you weren’t following us on Insta yet? What the hell is wrong with you?! Our feed will demand you kick Mondays right in the ass, while keeping you informed on all the latest and greatest industry news.
Need a new yoga pose? We got you. Interested in learning about alt text? Click the link in our bio. Curious what dog is lurking about the office? Check our story.
Now that you know what brands define the Instagram game, it’s time to step it up.
If your current social media efforts aren’t hitting the mark, or you aren’t sure what goals you should be setting, let’s connect on how our talented team can help you create a follow-worthy account across social platforms.

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