Fun Fall Times

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Hayrides, campfires, football, apple picking, donuts, pumpkin carving – these are a few of our fall favorite things. Fall is what we call the cozy season, layers, scarves, soft sweaters; what’s not to love? In order for you to take advantage of all that fall has to offer, we have outlined our favorite activities and no, it isn’t visiting an apple orchard – there is so much more to life.

College Football Games

Nothing quite says fall like attending a college football game on a beautiful and sunny Saturday. Seriously, what beats tailgating with good friends, enjoying great drinks (and snacks!!), and watching your favorite football team? Even if your team loses, you’re still likely to have a great time.The team at 8THIRTYFOUR is mostly Spartan fans, but we understand if you are partial to tailgating at the Big House.

Campfires & S’mores

Fall is a campfire smell that sticks with you for weeks after having a fire. It is no secret that the crew at 8THIRTYFOUR loves the outdoors, from camping to tailgating; we love to be outside. Whether you escape for a weekend up north or burn leaves in your backyard, grab the graham crackers, marshmallows, Hershey bars and get roasting.

Bike & Brew Tours

Summer biking is great and all, but exercise in 97 degree weather is not our favorite. Plus, fall rides even on a sunny day will still leave your ears cold, giving you more excuses to stop in for the next beer. Nothing beats a quick 18 miles mixed in with your favorite brew and best buds!

Spending Time in the Kitchen

When the weather turns colder, you can finally turn on your oven without also cranking up the AC. Fall is the perfect time to spend a lazy Sunday perfecting a chili recipe or using fresh orchard apples for a pie.
Pro tip: it is hard to find a favorite fall recipe that isn’t improved with a little splash of bourbon. Pie? Splash of bourbon. Roast? Splash of bourbon. Autumnal salad? Splash of bourbon in the vinaigrette. Pumpkin cake? Splash of bourbon in the cake AND frosting. It’s a fall staple (or should be).

Fun Fall Holidays

Although we are in a hurry for our favorite winter holidays to arrive here at 8THIRTYFOUR, we must not forget the fun holidays that fall provides. Once October hits, we carefully begin to craft our creative, over-the-top costumes for Halloween. Also, who doesn’t love an excuse to eat pounds of candy (you should see our office stock). Then, towards the end of fall, we have the joy of more feasting, but this time with savory, yummy Thanksgiving food. We love a day full of spending time with close friends and family, napping (post-feast) with sounds of a football game in the background, and all around cozy-ness.

Fall Color Tour

One of the best parts of living in Michigan is enjoying 4 seasons. We love watching the leaves turn colors as fall unfolds and a scenic tour up the coast of West Michigan is the best way to see all the beautiful colors. There is no better way to enjoy fall in Michigan than being in nature and exploring all the cool, small cities. Take a pit stop in Ludington or Traverse City and walk some trails, do some shopping, and maybe a little wine tasting. Pure Michigan has pre-made routes and will let you know what the best trip is to see the most colors for whatever weekend you are planning to go. So pack a bag for the weekend, fill up the gas tank, and hit the road to see Michigan at its best.
What are your favorite fall activities? Send us a pic and a few sentences and we’ll share on Facebook, email

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