The Value of Photography in Graphic Design

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The basic formula to good graphic design is well-written copy and compelling visuals. If you’re a designer who has a team of bad-ass, content-driven copywriters (like we do), you really only have to worry about the latter. This is where photography comes into play.
As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In the field of communications, pictures hold a lot of meaning and impact. Some designers underestimate the importance of photography, and how it can transform work from good to great.
Here are a few of the reasons we love using photography in designs for our clients (and our agency):


Photography can add an element of “pop” to a design piece. Something that is visually interesting will pull the viewer in from the start. People make quick judgements with their eyes, and are more prone to digest the content if you make the whole experience enjoyable.


Incorporating imagery that is relatable, or has a human element in it, will help develop a connection with the viewer, and the design. Use of photography is vital for a company’s brand to give an idea of who they are. Whether they are promoting a product or a service, it will encourage a sense of trust for their viewers. At 8THIRTYFOUR, we love to include photography of our team members and office space in designs to show our clients a glimpse of who we are (and our lovely faces!).


It is worth noting that photography is much more impactful, and interpreted as thoughtful, if it complements the content. It’d be pretty bizarre if the design incorporated an image of a puppy (although we love pups here at 8THIRTYFOUR) paired with copy discussing international logistics, right?


As a designer, I value the time that I have invested to explore the medium of photography. Not only did it help broaden my knowledge of the arts, but it is extremely helpful to be able to incorporate my own photography into designs. If I can’t find the image that I’m envisioning, it’s almost easier for me to just photograph it myself! Additionally, having a good photography eye translates to your design eye, and vice versa. The two truly go hand-in-hand when it comes to their basic principles: contrast, color, balance, movement, unity, etc.
Are you looking for a communications partner that understands the integration of photography and design? The team at 8THIRTYFOUR can help! Let’s connect to talk about your next design project.

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