The Power of an Inclusive Culture

A gay pride flag flies proudly while text reads, "The power of an inclusive culture."

More than 40% of LGB (and almost 90% of transgender) individuals have experienced discrimination, harassment, or mistreatment in the workplace. This is not only unacceptable; it’s also bad for business.
If your company isn’t working to cultivate a culture that is inclusive and welcoming for the LGBTQ community, you may be fostering bullying, violence, discrimination, depression, and other side effects. As a result, productivity in your workplace suffers and you expose yourself to unnecessary risk.
On the flip side, if you’re implementing policies and fostering an inclusive workplace, you’re likely to reap these benefits:

  • Increased productivity: members of the LGBTQ community can focus their energy on their actual work, instead of worrying about their health and safety.
  • Better ideas: Similarly, a welcoming culture fosters creativity and better ideas from all team members.
  • Improved public image: perception matters.
    • 23% of LGBT adults have switched products or services because a different company was supportive of the LGBT community, even if the new brand was costlier or less convenient.
    • 97% of LGBTQ adults said they are likely to consider a brand providing equal workplace benefits (
  • Decreased talent expenses: LGBTQ members of your team who are able to be open and out about their true identities are more likely to remain in their current position, and stay loyal to your company. This reduces turnover and saves you on costly recruitment expenses.
  • Decreased health expenses: improved health is a common result of a welcoming workplace, keeping your healthcare expenses lower.

So, inclusivity is not just good for the heart, it’s good for business.
Want to jump in on the conversation? Help us join our friends at the Grand Rapids Pride Center in celebrating Pride Week in Grand Rapids.
You can check them out on Facebook for more information, or check back this weekend for a full line up of events on the 8THIRTYFOUR blog.

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