Why Every Company Needs Marketing

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Given that we are an integrated communications firm, we are a bit biased when it comes to the question “do I really need marketing?,” but the answer is almost always, YES.
Marketing is not something that can be done once and then put on a shelf. Businesses should have a strategic communications plan in place that is regularly reviewed, tweaked, and updated, so that they can best serve their customers and clients.
Let’s put it this way: Marketing for a business is like getting a haircut. It is something that most people should do multiple times throughout the year. You should look at your “hair” every morning in the mirror and think, “Is it time for an update? Am I presenting myself to the public in a way that accurately reflects who I am?”, and if there is any dissonance, it’s time for a haircut. If you don’t get regular haircuts, a.k.a., update your marketing strategy, you risk looking outdated, frazzled, and a bit unkempt.
Again, we are biased in thinking that everyone should hire a dedicated marketing agency (cough, call us today, cough), however, we know that some people who are on a budget are capable of “cutting their own hair” and doing a fine job. But, when it comes time for a fancy event, grand opening, or big public announcement, then you may need to recruit a team of professionals to help cut your hair.
Get it? Okay, we promise we are done with the deep hair cut analogies. Real talk – marketing is extremely, extremely important for the success of a business, and here’s why:

Find out who you really are

Working through an in-depth marketing strategy is a great opportunity for business owners and their team to take a deep dive into why they started their business, how they want to be presenting themselves to the public, and to identify their true brand. It is not uncommon for the first marketing meeting to be a moment where businesses realize their team is not on the same page when it comes to messaging or long-term goals.
Enter: us!
An experienced marketing team can help everyone come together to find the common thread that makes their business unique, and ensure that everyone is confident with new or refreshed messaging and the goals and tactics that are outlined for the future.

Stay Relevant

Having a dedicated marketing team helps businesses keep their finger on the pulse of new trends and topics. Providing relevant and timely content to your audience is extremely important. People are more likely to do business with a company that they can relate to, or that they feel understands the current world we live in.
Having a continuous stream of fresh content is also very important. Extremely outdated websites and social media pages can be a deterrent for potential customers. If your recent content contains anything about the hottest new iPod colors, razor flip phones, or Taylor Swift’s latest country song, please call us. It’s not too late.

Reach the Right Audience

When you own or work for a business, it is hard to sometimes take a step back and fully analyze who your true customer is. A marketing team can help delve into market research that will determine who you are currently reaching, and why, and how you can reach new audiences. It is important to make sure that the messaging you are using is not only applicable for the customers you someday wish to have, but also for your current customers.
Through market research we are able to see where your customers live, how they are receiving content, what links they are clicking on, where they shop, and other somewhat creepy, but super helpful, pieces of data. Having a deep understanding into the psyche of a customer helps guide the overall marketing strategy.

Know What is Working and What is Not

At 8THIRTYFOUR, we live and die by data. Our team takes the time to analyze mass amounts of different data for each client, and we do this to determine what is working on a campaign and what is not. Marketing is something that needs to be constantly adjusted. You cannot simply put a campaign on auto-pilot and expect everything to go smoothly.
If you are not getting the types of leads you want, a marketing team can sit down and help ask the important questions: Who are we currently reaching? Should the content deliverable be in a different format? Is the content still relevant to this audience? What can we change to help us better reach our overall goal?
Taking a step back to look at the big picture and make necessary tweaks to a campaign can make all the difference in the world. Having a team that is able to understand data, and what changes should be made, is vital for continued success.

Know When it’s Time to Rebrand

Back to the haircut analogies! Perhaps your business has been sporting “The Rachel” for a bit too long, and you are beginning to notice that you are losing customers, or are no longer relevant compared to your younger, hipper competitors. A marketing team can help you make the important, and big, decision of whether it is time to do a total rebrand, or if any part of your company’s appearance needs to be updated.
If any of this sounds overwhelming, or if you don’t think you are capable of “cutting your own hair,” we would be more than happy to grab coffee (or a cocktail) and discuss how we can help make a difference for your business.  You can reach out to us today with the form below or via email at kim@834design.com.
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