8 Ways Your Manufacturing Company Will Benefit from Digital Marketing

A gray background with a white cartoon laptop that reads, "The digital landscape gives you cost-effective tools for sharing your story and building your thought leadership."

Manufacturing has stood the test of time, from the industrial revolution to robots and artificial intelligence. The industry has literally shaped America, and provided millions of jobs. It has embraced new methodologies and new technologies in order to improve efficiencies and drive cost savings.
So, why have you not done the same with your marketing?

Your audience is looking for you online

Over 70% of B2B buyers begin their search for a product or solution with a generic search query online. If you’re not there, they’ll call your competitors.

The digital space allows your customers to brag about you

You can invest millions into your marketing efforts, but getting other people to talk about you is priceless. Chances are, you have some highly satisfied and loyal customers. Use the digital space to encourage and capitalize on that!

Online platforms are cost-effective tools for thought leadership

The manufacturing industry is seeing some exciting times. Rampant growth in technology and automation is opening the doors for new technologies and capabilities. What are you doing with your process that has helped generate efficiencies, cost savings, or other benefits to your customers? The digital landscape gives you cost-effective tools for sharing your story and building your thought leadership.

Digital marketing is a gold mine for lead generation

Digital tactics support an inbound approach to marketing. By making sure your content exists online and addresses all stages in the sales cycle, your audiences will learn to trust you, and will take action by filling out a form or picking up the phone.

Digital marketing helps you tap into new markets

Looking at a new industry, geography, widget, or service area? Leverage digital tools to gauge interest and likelihood of success, without investing in everything required to go-to-market.

Digital campaigns leverage real-time data

The beauty of digital marketing is the data. Data allows you to determine what’s working from what isn’t, and it gives you an up-to-date snapshot of campaign performance. Ads, targeting, budget, keywords, and more can be adjusted on the fly as you learn from it.

Digital marketing is the most traceable of communications tactics, and can easily show ROI

Thanks to the data, you can instantly determine the return on your investment. For example, if you spent $1,500 last month on your pay-per-click ad campaign, you may have generated 9 leads, and you many know that you secured 1 new customer who is likely to spend about $80,000 with you this year. The value of that new customer just offset your digital marketing investment for the entire year.

Results can be exponential

Oftentimes, digital marketing efforts are so successful that the growth is exponential, year-over-year. That positive ROI that you generated last month alone, can be reinvested to generate even more.

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