Clients We Love: Egypt Valley Country Club

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We don’t like to pick favorites, but if we had to, we would probably say that one of our favorite branding projects from last year was our work with Egypt Valley Country Club.
You can’t quite put to a “tee” how much the organization appreciates their members (no putt intended). Aside from a love of golf, the vibrant community at Egypt Valley Country Club emphasizes the importance of relaxation and creating lasting memories with family and friends.
As a lifestyle brand, Egypt Valley came to us when they needed to refresh their brand and messaging in order to accurately capture the current spirit of the club.


Whenever we kick off a project, we work with our clients to identify clear and measurable goals to ensure that we understand what success looks like for them, beyond physical deliverables. For this project we applied metrics to key parts of their business that their brand impacts. We also identified all of the different ways that the new visual brand and messaging would be used, to make sure that the work we created would function effectively.
A key guide for our work was EVCC’s appreciation for their current members – a hallmark of the Club from its very first years of operation. Any brand updates would need to resonate with this important group, as well as be appealing to future members.


Everything our agency does is guided by data, even visual communications. Our team created custom surveys for staff, present members, and other key stakeholders. We spent time at the Club to see the space and team in action, and also conducted research and a detailed competitive analysis.
We took all of this information to clearly identify what makes EVCC special and appealing.


With data in-hand, we were able to guide the direction of the new visual brand and messaging. Creating a new logo and brand guide that were guided by specific attributes, as well as a robust messaging guide with everything from an updated elevator speech to sample language for each audience, all captured the unique essence of EVCC.
Offering a variety of opportunities and events, fine dining and sociable drinking, phenomenal golf and exciting activities, Egypt Valley really does offer something for everyone. The friendly staff is amazing, and their inclusive atmosphere continually welcomes new members.
Egypt Valley’s new identity better reflects its commitment to providing a place to create lasting memories, and a vacation destination that is right down the road.
Is your visual brand and current messaging hitting the mark with your target audience? If it isn’t, we would love to help – contact us today!

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