Halloween Teaches a Lesson in Client Relations

An orange background with cartoon cats features a witch hat and the words, "This is no trick, here is a treat! 8THIRTYFOUR Integrated Communications."

Halloween just passed and in true 8THIRTYFOUR style, the day was marked with lots of treats…and a few tricks – we like to keep things interesting.
We love holidays – they are a great opportunity to connect with clients, friends, and family in ways that are fun and unique.
For Halloween, we spent some time brainstorming a few different ideas like HalloWINE, Boooo(ze)!, and Halloweenie…and not only did we discover how expensive it is to overnight-ship organic hotdogs, we also spent time as a team thinking about how client engagement aligns with our brand. We landed on a simple gesture and message that while not over the top, taught us two things.

  1. A little goes a long way
  2. Our customers appreciate it

Our Halloween treats weren’t complicated, but they made an impact and made our clients smile.

And now, with Halloween barely behind us, it’s time to start thinking ahead.
End of the year holidays are right around the corner: how will you connect with your customers and clients in meaningful ways that support your brand? If you aren’t sure where to start, we would love to help! Maybe this year your organization could make a donation to a cause you care about instead of sending gifts. Perhaps a New Year’s card is more appropriate. Specific holiday celebrations might not align with your brand, so what is the right fit?
Whatever you decide, just make sure that you have our updated mailing address on your gift list! We kid, we kid. We know you already updated our address months ago.
But seriously, let’s chat about your end of year gifts or celebrations, and create a memorable strategy. Taking the time to brainstorm is not only a great team building exercise but also can have a positive impact on your clients.
So, don’t wait. Start planning now!

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