Your Biz Your Town – October Edition

Kim Bode poses with members of the Your Biz Your Town team

Welcome to another edition of Your Biz, Your Town! On last week’s show, we featured three amazing local businesses who are doing awesome things in our community! CJ Devries with GR Now, Jill Hulswit with Purely, and Phil Fisher with OnSite Wellness all offered updates.
Your Biz, Your Town is a monthly segment on the WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin on 88.5 FM, which profiles local businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals who are making an impact on West Michigan. The segment airs the fourth Friday of every month at 9 a.m.
You can watch Friday’s episode below or listen here.

GR Now:

CJ highlighted all the fun Halloween activities happening across Grand Rapids but they also highlighted the fact that they now have a new app. With the GR Now app, Grand Rapidians will never again have to ask, “What’s going on this weekend?” The more you use it, the more tailored it becomes to your interested and soon you’ll get suggestions.
To find out what’s happening for the rest of the fall season, you can find a guide on GR Now’s website or you can find the app in the IOS store or Google Play.
Also, don’t forget that it’s a community effort and you can send your favorite events and activities to GR Now for them to share on their website.


Purely is an art destination for art that is 100% kid crafted.
If you’ve ever wondered what to do with the masterpieces crowding your fridge from your budding artist, you’ve found a solution with Purely. From sweatshirts and canvases to coffee mugs and more, Purely puts your child’s art on keepsakes for you to enjoy. And, the profits go to the artists, giving kids a chance to earn money and learn about finances.
Inspired by her own kids, Jill’s fridge was overflowing with art she didn’t want to lose when she had the idea for Purely. So, don’t stuff your kid’s art in boxes and put them in storage. Give them the chance to earn money and share their art.
Purely will also be on Dolphin Tank on November 9th at Grand Valley from 1 to 4 pm showcasing their idea and competing for prize money.  So check them out there or jump on their website and find a place for all that art!

OnSite Wellness:

Phil Fisher from OnSite Wellness joined us to fill us in on current happenings at OnSite Wellness. A company committed to offering health programs that support business strategies and employee health and well-being, their newest program looks to the small businesses that often have a hard time implementing health programs.
OnSite Wellness created a small business solution that will provide wellness programming and the online wellness portal. Small companies can now take ownership of their health initiatives within their organization, and get the help they need to thrive.
While traditional routes may not be affordable for many small businesses, OnSite Wellness put these programs within reach. They understand the quirks of small businesses and they offer a platform for them to embrace them.
Learn more about OnSite Wellness on their website or reach out via email or just give them a call to learn more about their new programming.
That’s a wrap!
Tune into next month’s Your Biz, Your Town on The WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin. If you’re interested in being featured on Your Biz, Your Town, please email our client associate, Emma Thibault at

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