Not All Ghosts Are Scary: Ghostwriting Tips

An orange background features cartoon cats and pumpkins and the words, "Ghost writing is a key skill in the communications world, and it is something we love to do for clients."

It’s true, not all ghosts are scary! Casper was cool, right?

In our world, when we talk about ghosts and it isn’t around Halloween, we are usually talking about writing. Ghostwriting is a key skill in the communications world, and it is something we love to do for clients.
Writing in the voice of others can be challenging, but we rely on a few key ways to make sure our writing sounds authentic:

Adjectives and Adverbs

Descriptive words are a really important part of writing, but when you are writing for others, selecting the correct ones is the perfect way to capture someone’s voice and actual vocabulary. Is the person you are writing for the type who would say something is “awesome” or “excellent”? Do they use bold words or flowery language? Do they rarely use descriptors? Make sure the words you use, especially adjectives and adverbs, are words that the person would really say.


Is the person you are writing for really long-winded, or more of a short and choppy type? The cadence that a person uses to speak is another key place to be specific. The use of appropriate punctuation allows the writing to flow in the same way a person’s actual voice would. Selecting a semicolon over a comma, for instance, makes the flow different.


The final thing to make sure content feels authentic is the actual content. Is the topic that you are writing about something the writer knows about? If not, you might pass on the opportunity to ghost write for that person, if you can. You can avoid it simply by….ghosting.
This all means you need to know your clients really well. So, if you’re not sure how to write in their voice, sit down and have a conversation with them. Ask them questions and take note of how they respond. Talk to them about their industry, maybe even record the conversation. Every interaction you have with them is a learning experience if you want to be a really good ghost.


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