Your Biz, Your Town – May

What does Commercial Real Estate, Gluten-Free and a Latin Extravaganza all have in common? Your Biz Your Town…of course.

As usual, we bring a very diverse group to share information on their organization, association or business with the WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin on 88.5 FM.

Listen to the full interview here.

Here is a recap of our pretty awesome guests.

Commercial Alliance of Realtors of West Michigan (CARWM)

Commercial Alliance of REALTORS® is committed to collaboration, cooperation and sharing of information for the betterment of the real estate community.

Just recently, the Commercial Alliance of Realtors released their first quarter market report showing increased activity in downtown and suburban markets, new development in retail and recovery in the industrial market. Read the full report here.

Hispanic Center of Western Michigan

The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan is a non-profit organization serving the needs of the Hispanic and broader community. We strive to provide an avenue for education and openness to promote discussion of the distinctions and values of different nationalities and cultures. The Center also focuses on the common thread that unites all people: a desire for understanding and respect of our differences.

We believe that this shared human experience connects us all.

Coming up on June 13th is the Center’s Latin Extravaganza. Now, this is a good time. We encourage you to attend and support this wonderful asset and resource in our community. Find more info here:

The Tender Palate

The Tender Plate or The Tender Foodie, as the blog is titled, is a blog about all things allergen-free and delicious. Curious what gluten-free means? Wonder what ‘no hormones added’ means? Well The Tender Foodie has you covered. You can submit your reader questions and she will tackle them one at a time and show you how to enjoy your food even with allergies.


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