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Meet Stephanie!

My name is Stephanie Dallman and I am the newest addition to 834 Design & Marketing.
I recently graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Public Relations. I am a confident leader who radiates energy. During my college career, I dedicated much of my time to Ferris State Public Relations Student Society of America and served as president my final year.
I am a strong communicator who has a great deal of writing experience, much of which I acquired from working for Ferris’ marketing and communications department.  In addition to my involvement at Ferris, I worked for CrescendoTV as a publicist and social media director. These positions allowed me to fuse my creativity and originality with my public relations work.
My PR experience lies in event planning, social media, media relations, and publicity.
Aside from my public relations background, my interests stretch all over the map. I love running, crafting, discovering new music, and keeping up with the latest trends. Born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I grew up a die-hard Packer football fan. I am also a mother to a two year old Maine Coon who I nursed to health from his birth.
I am passionate about public relations and a total social butterfly. As a young PR queen in the industry, I am ecstatic to be a part of team 834! 

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