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Today’s Your Biz, Your Town show guests are a diverse bunch, and we love it.
I would like to point out that I am not sure how Shelley manages her radio, TV show, emceeing 3 times a week, running 8 days a week and being mom to 3 little fur balls..has anyone checked to make sure there is only one of her? Or does she not sleep?
Well onto our guests.

Grand River Signs, FranNet
When Clark Communications told me about FranNet and local business owners, Russ & Donna Ramsay from Grand River Signs…I was very interested. FranNet provides education and support to individuals who are interested in exploring self employment as a career option through franchised business ownership. I have often had conversations with my husband about starting a business and we have always said that running an existing franchise is the way to go…but so many choices..where do you even start?

Local business owners, Russ & Donna Ramsay will share their story.
Here are some quick facts about franchising:

  • 42% higher success rate for franchises over startups.
  • Provide $660.9 billion of annual payrolls
  • Over 3,100 franchise concepts in over 90 different categories
  • There is no correlation between the cost of a franchise and the potential return.
  • Over $2.3 trillion business

Local. Yummy. Creative. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of Cakabakery…and the fact that I hear the greatest things about owner, Jason Kakabaker. Yes, that is really his last name and if that isn’t fate, I don’t know what is.
Cakabakery  makes all of their cakes and desserts just for you from raw ingredients. That means they can make just about anything you’d like. They create desserts of all flavors, fillings, shapes and sizes.
Oh…did we mention he submitted an entry for the Food Network Cupcake Wars?

AMA West Michigan
The American Marketing Association of west Michigan  is a professional association for individuals and organizations involved in the practice, teaching and study of marketing worldwide. It is an organization that holds educational programs centered around current trends, topics and issues in the world of marketing.

Check out their upcoming programs.

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