What can LinkedIn do for CPAs?

What can LinkedIn do for CPAs? The answer? A lot.

We had the opportunity and the privilege to speak at the Michigan Association of CPAs Small Business Practitioner Conference at Soaring Eagle Casino (I know rough job) recently on the topic of LinkedIn. Every time we are asked to speak, we want the audience to walk away with an action plan, a more thorough knowledge on the subject and of course a smile on their face (we really are that entertaining).

Below is the link to the presentation, and a few tips we hope LinkedIn users or potential users will utilize.

Download here.

7 Essential LinkedIn Activities:

  • Sign up – Can’t participate if you don’t join
  • Maintain a complete profile -Don’t let it stagnate
  • Update your status – Show you are attentive
  • Connect – Build your network of primary, secondary and tertiary relationships
  • Join a group – Connect with people of similar interests, share strategies, complain about tax season and get sympathy
  • Share a link or answer a question – Provide added value and items of interest
  • Follow a company [maybe the competitor]

Use LinkedIn for What?

  • Manage existing clients
  • Distribution of quality info to clients
  • Generate referrals through clients and referring businesses
  • Secure new clients through search
  • Prevent attrition by offering additional services
  • Share content
  • Give clients valuable connections and referrals
  • Increase your own web visibility/SEO rank/traffic in general
  • Low or no cost marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Research of trends
  • Get/give advice
“When you know how to use LinkedIn well, you’ll save yourself a ton of time.  You will walk through open doors instead of making cold calls; you’ll enhance your personal reputation and the profile of your practice; you’ll access outstanding information and opportunities that would previously have missed and ultimately you will increase your revenue.” – James Potter, Insight Marketing

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