My Love Affair with Seth Godin

I can’t honestly remember when it started. I was introduced to him by friend and colleague, Sue Tellier of JetCo Solutions. Sue was always going on and on about how intelligent and insightful this Seth guy was and giggling when his name was mentioned. I assumed it was a girlish crush and then I stumbled upon his blog.

The blog, oh the blog. He gets you with one or two paragraphs that tap into topics such as stupidity, leadership, organization and becoming indispensable. The best part is my boyfriend Seth, doesn’t go on and on and on – he gets to the point in several short paragraphs and you keep coming back for more.
I had another friend (okay it is the same friend) who recommended that I read Seth’s book, Linchpin. Now this was a game changer for me, it is when our relationship went to the next level.

You know, how some books come along in your life (in my case a man who wrote a great book) when you are struggling with a major decision that to you seems simple, but to every one else insane? Well Seth helped put some clarification around it for me, and like all women want, he validated me (and my decision).

In short, my love affair with Seth will continue as long as he keeps writing and being insightful or until I am handed a restraining order.

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