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Barbenheimer, Canadian wildfires, and Ron DeSantis

In this edition of This Week in Media we cover it all – politics, entertainment, celebrities no one cares about and climate change.

Kind of feels like we’re living in a reality TV show, maybe we are and this is like The Truman Show and we’re all being punked. It would sure explain a lot.

Anyways…buckle up.


Desantis faced a funding failure this past week, probably because he’s the worst. He apparently thought, however, that it had more to do with his staff so they were promptly fired. Good leadership is blaming everyone else for your failures. Don’t worry, we’ll grab the popcorn and watch as the next five rounds of staff get let go. 

Here lies the lesson: Own your shit and take responsibility. 


Are you really excited for Oppenheimer or are you just a Peaky Blinders fan? Anyways, we’re looking forward to the two blockbusters everybody’s talking about. Our genuine applause goes out to Barbie’s marketing team. Seriously, every opportunity that was available for a collab was taken, and with a custom Billie Eilish song on the soundtrack, the hype is real. These two movies coming out on the same day with equally star-studded casts and sought-after directors is creating the perfect storm that we can’t wait to see unfold. And of course we’re loving the memes coming out of it. 

Writers Strike

Speaking of rare collaborative events: let’s talk about the Hollywood writer’s strike. Being in the business of words, we know how much hard work goes into writing. These writers deserve to be compensated for their creations, end of story. After negotiations with studios fell through last week, the screen actor’s guild joined the Writer’s Guild in their strike for the first time since 1960. We’ll all be sad to watch our favorite shows get delayed, but it’s worth making the change that needs to happen…like living wages.

Zayn Malik

If you listen to Call Her Daddy (the name of this podcast is problematic), you might’ve heard from Zayn Malik this past week. He talks coparenting, lawsuits, and new music. As someone who doesn’t speak out much, this was bound to get some attention. This tactful move by his team to choose Call Her Daddy to finally talk all the things is bound to pay off when his new releases come around, that is if anyone cares.

Air quality/fires in Canada

We haven’t stopped hearing about the air quality in the U.S. but is Canada okay?? Over 25 million acres have been burned and firefighters are in damage-control. The lesson here: remember that for every headline you see about American air quality, there are Canadians being physically affected and displaced. So just try to keep the complaints to a minimum, it could be much worse. Also, lets start giving a shit about our planet…k?

Celebs getting hit in the face at concerts

Why would you pay to go see an artist you like, and then throw things at them?! What is wrong with you? News flash: if you’re far enough away that you have to throw your phone on stage, you’re not getting it back anyways. So maybe just don’t run the risk of hitting them in the f*cking face. We’re all Adele in this scenario. 

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