Guess the Zodiac Sign

Constellations outlined in the night sky with the words "Guess the Zodiac Sign"

Let’s make this interactive for our adoring fans. We give a description of each team member and our readers (you), drop a comment with your guesses matching each to the correct Zodiac sign. Prizes (not really) will be given, winners will be celebrated—a very big deal.


Bold like an ultra-dark roast coffee that’s maybe been burned a teeny bit, Kim isn’t afraid to take chances and keep it real. She’s an Integrated Communications pro who knows a lot about a lot of things, but also knows when it’s time to lean on the team. Also, she lets us drink on the clock sometimes. It’s cool.


He might be an art kid with a penchant for spooky sh*t and he definitely has a wallet chain, but don’t let those tropes fool you. Just like his sign, this dude has layers. Jeffrey is pretty much the nicest guy ever and a master graphic designer who can tackle anything from holiday-themed logos to art-deco inspired booze labels. Just… don’t send him a distorted logo to use on your project.


She helps keep everything in order. Without Amy, we’d all be running around like chickens with our heads chopped off (does anyone use that saying anymore? Where’s the PETA approved alternative?) and also we wouldn’t get our paychecks. Always attentive, Amy looks out for the team and brings the posi vibes daily.


We don’t know how Rowan’s head stays so small because their brain is SO big and it’s full of A LOT of things. If you can’t figure out, chances are, Rowan has already figured out before you can ask. Their attention to detail goes beyond the marketing world, Rowan uses their keen eye to do cool sh*t like forage and make amazing cosplays.


This dude literally has a quarterly task to bring “all the good vibes” to the office because he literally does bring the good vibes. He’s down to earth, collected, and is kick-ass at the creative side of marketing and the logistical side. If you need a beer rec or need to know the appropriate internal temperature for chicken– he’s your guy.


Bubbly, joyful and a PR queen, we love our office swiftie and definitive source for pop culture everything! Always ready to help and like her sign, always have a spark of optimism to share with our more nihilistic team members, she brings the ~vibes~ into the office with her random belting of showtunes. Don’t get it twisted, she WILL speak her peace just as calm and collected as she will sing-along to the Midnights album, thank you very much. 


With Amberly’s kind and welcoming spirit, it’s no surprise that all the office dogs love her. She’s also the President of GVSU’s PRSSA, has two bad-ass internships (we’re one, duh), is going to school full-time, and somehow still goes with the flow just like the planets that rule her inner-peace. Being the empath that she is, she will coach you on the ins and outs of a work life balance by lending a listening ear, or taking you on one of her infamous hot girl walks.


Lauren is highly self-aware, wise beyond her years, and sometimes talks in a british accent. We don’t know why, but we love it. Doing her element justice, she’s super grounded, extremely kind and always ready to learn new things. She’s also cleverly funny and will make you think you’re funny too even if you’re not.


Creative, strong, and often unfiltered, Kelsey keeps the peace with their passion for social media and all of the #spookyseason essentials. Though they may not let you know their next move, seeing the picture through a bold expansive lens allows them to be the best thought partner and accomplice no matter how grand or small your scheming may be. Unlike the fellow signs of their element, they’re a lover just as much as they’re a fighter, but will definitely tell you how it is. 

We’re all very different and complex and together we make up a pretty kickass team of marketers. It’s amazing to see our personalities mesh together to create some of the best strategies, designs and campaigns.

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