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Three beers in pilsner glasses sit a top a wooden bar "Team 834 Beer Pairings"

You know us—we like to throw a couple back. This conversation spurred from a team outing (happy hour) and we thought we’d share the results.

Kim – UnApologetic Fruit: Sangria

Fruited ale – 5.5% (Brewery Vivant)

This beer won’t bullshit you—it tells you exactly what to expect (it’s right there in the name, buddy). With bold flavors that aren’t afraid to push the palette, this drink packs a punch. 

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, this beer brings all the fruit flavors to the party: white grapes, blood orange, apple, pear, blueberry, and blackberry. Subtle layers of hops and malt round this beer out into a well-balanced brew. Sip it while reading a book or session the shit out of it—both ways will do.

Not into the whole fruit and red wine thing? Well then you can fuck right off. You’ll get no apologies here. 

Bonus points if you drink it with ice.

Amy – Hard Mountain Dew 

Malt beverage – 5% (Boston Brewing Company)

Okay, this technically isn’t a beer but we don’t really care. It’s a malt beverage brewed with one of the most addictive drinks around—Mountain Dew. Now, we don’t really know what the flavor is, but we’re pretty sure no one does. Not even PepsiCo.

The drink carries the spirit of Friday night football games, late night campfires, and hanging out in the school parking lot with your best buds. You’re not into the whole I-only-drink-beers-with-semco-or-citra-hops thing, and we don’t blame you. Self-identified “hop heads” have no business here. 

Sweet and full of energy, this drink will keep you going when you need it most. When you need a boost, crack this baby open. You’ll find it in Tennessee with those who love adventuring off-trail. 

Rowan – Sea Quench Ale

Sour ale – 4.9% (Dogfish Head Brewery)

This beer kind of has it all. A sour mash-up of a kölsch, the salty gose, and tart berliner weisse brewed with black limes, sour lime juice, and sea salt. If you like beer, you’ll like this. If you like margaritas, you’ll like this. If you like wine, you’ll like this. In conclusion, you’ll like this.

This ale hits all the notes. 

If you’re someone who is conscious of everything that goes into brewing, this beer was developed after years of research. The result? A perfectly balanced and nuanced beer that won’t bust your belt. 140 calories, 9g carbs, 2g protein and 0g of fat? Sign us up.

A lot of thought (and googling) was put into this beer. 

Kelsey – M43

Hazy/NEIPA – 6.8% (Old Nation)

Hops aren’t cheap, but this brew is worth every penny. 

Packed with loads of different hops, this beer is surprisingly sweet with a delicate aroma that brings you back to…well whatever fond childhood memories your mind can conjure. New-England IPA and non-IPA lovers alike will enjoy this one. 

Most people think the hazy color comes from the yeast. Wrong. Its non-translucent color is the result of an interplay of lipids from the malted oats and oils and acids and…okay this is a bit nerdy. But we don’t give a FUCK.

This beer is brewed with top grade malts, hops, and MI water using a brewing technique and process which cannot be faked or mimicked.

Go ahead. We dare you.

Emma – Strawberry Lemonade Shandy 

Fruit and field beer – 5% (Saugatuck Brewing)

Picture this: the sun’s out, birds are chirping, you’re on a pontoon boat, and Taylor Swift is blaring over the portable speaker. That’s this beer in a nutshell—vibes.

Sweet, bubbly, and easy-going, this beer is perfect for enjoying a beautiful summer day while spilling all the tea with your best friends. Even the purists who refuse to accept shandys as beers will find themselves sneaking a sip of this delightful concoction.

If you’ve ever had the chance to try this beer, then in the words of Emma, “you’ve eaten.”

Lauren – Traverse City Cherry Wheat

Wheat ale – 5% (Atwater Brewing)

According to YahooLife, if you’re a Virgo, then wheat beers are for you. 

A classic, humble, and ever popular style, the Traverse City Cherry Wheat takes tried-and-true and infuses it with tart and sweet cherry goodness. The result? A delectable drink that appeals to all. 

The perfect compliment to those with a no-fuss attitude, down-to-earth demeanor, and—just like the earth sign—will keep everyone coming back for more. 

Jeffrey – Warhammer

Barley wine – 10% (Dragonmead) 

Coming in at a whopping 10%, this beer will knock you on your ass if you aren’t careful. 

Aged in oak barrels for over two months, this complex beast of a drink looks menacing on the outside, but hits the palette with a pleasant malt sweetness that finishes with subtle notes of oak, pine, and citrus. 

Sure, you could buy a single bottle and bring it with you to a fancy dinner party. OR you could fill a howler, stein or growler, dawn your finest kilt, and drink it by the night-fire in the heart of winter while channeling the souls of your ancestors. 

Either way works. 

Amberly – Guinea Pig

Golden ale – 4.2% (The Mighty Oak Brewing Co)

Served inside of a keykeg, the beer is an ode to our furry little friends, the guinea pigs. 

This golden ale is defined by its approachability and healthy qualities. It’s both flavorful, refreshing, and not overly done with hop and malt flavors. For those looking to take their first step into beer enthusiasm, the golden ale will do you no wrong.

While this style is often described as the “new kid on the block”, it’s got plenty of street cred. Trust us. 

Derek – Soft Parade

Fruited ale – 7.5% (Short’s Brewing Company)

As the name suggests, this beer contains surprisingly subtle flavors of fruit and rye. Seemingly a harmless beer that goes down easy, beneath the easy-drinking lies a potential headache in the morning.

With an abv of 7.5%, you really can’t taste the alcohol in this one. But believe us, it’s there. What might’ve intended to be a quiet night-in can quickly turn into a wild and raucous foray. 

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