Our Month in Media

Our Month in Media

We do a bad job of celebrating our own successes and when we win for clients, it’s a win for us. We’ve had a busy March, announcing an extreme shake shop, the sale to beat all sales and introducing a new organization. We kind of feel like these blogs are written for us to hold ourselves accountable to the incredible results we are able to achieve for our clients. 

So if you will allow us the floor, we present to you the earned media coverage from the last month.

Getting Shit Done

PR does not happen in a silo or overnight–it takes lots of preparation and planning. It’s the long game we know all too well, and works best when it is integrated. Which means social media, digital advertising, design, email marketing, you know… a truly integrated campaign… weird that we are so into that approach, right?

With that being said, the month of March marked the grand opening for one of our clients, Bad Habit Grand Haven. All of our website, email marketing, and social media preparation set our public relations efforts for success! Our PR activities were as follows: ALL THE EVENTS! 

We started with a Friend and Family event, to work out the kinks – no one is honest like family.  We then held a similar event for community members such as elected officials, school administrators, local organizations and more. 

We also held an Influencer & Media event where we–just days before the Grand Opening–invited local influencers and West Michigan media to come and experience Bad Habit. 

Cut to opening weekend and there was a line out the door and around the corner EVERY MINUTE OF EVERYDAY. We had to station someone at the door just to keep track of head counts so as not to go over capacity. 

Outlets: Coverage in Holland Sentinel, MLive (GR Press), front page of the Grand Haven Tribune, WOTV-4-WomenWOOD-TV8, WZZM13, Fox 17, and many more. 

Results: 29 Articles overall

Reach: 33,320,000 UVM 

“Arbitrary” Holidays Can Really Mean Something

On March 14, 2022 our client, Stormy Kromer, was heading into their second largest sale of the year outside of Black Friday. If you didn’t already know (and not many do), that would be National Pi Day. Because Pi is 3.14 and the date is 3/14, get it? Anyways, to find your hat size, you need to measure the circumference of your head and then divide that number by Pi. Stormy Kromer is THE legendary hat company, so they offered 31.4% off all products. It was a great time to stock up on coats and hats.

We sent pitches to local, regional and national outlets to spread news of the one-day sale.

Outlets: Michigan Business Network + other coverage from (The Mining Journal, News from the States, Minnesota Reformer)

Results: 12 articles in total

Reach: 147,718 UVM 

She’s Kind of a Big Deal

Affordable housing here in Kent County has become an issue that is bigger than just any one person. It is affecting families, school aged children, young and older adults alike. Our client, Housing Kent is an organization working towards a better more inclusive housing system here in Kent County. 

Our task was to announce not only this news but the news of their new President, Eureka People to the greater Grand Rapids and Kent County communities. 

Outlets: Corp!, Michigan Business Network, Grand Rapids Business Journal, MiBiz, Rapid Growth, El Informador USA, WGVU-FM 

Results: 10 articles

Reach: 113,250 UVM
We’d add up the numbers to really wow you, but we hate math. Suffice to say, our clients were happy which meant we were thrilled. We’re really good at what we do, so holler at us when you need help.

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