The Spooky Side of PR

Creepy forest silhouette in front of a sunset with the text, "The Spooky Side of PR."

Cool title, right? We had to tie this into Halloween somehow, it’d be a marketing miss otherwise. It’s hard for businesses to truly understand public relations, it can seem a bit voodoo-esque at times and downright confusing at other times. 

According to SpinSucks only 3.27% of all PR pitches sent are ever responded to by the reporters being targeted; even less convert into coverage. This means that, on average, it takes about 31 media pitches to journalists to get a response to any one of the pitches you send. Holy sh*t. 

We’re gonna take a minute and pat ourselves on the back for being named a Top PR Agency by Forbes and for absolutely crushing media coverage for our clients. 

And now, back to the blog. 

Less than authentic professionals taking shortcuts make our jobs much harder when it comes to garnering earned media for our clients. It’s a spray and play mentality. Shame on them, it is the spooky and downright frightful side of PR.

Read on if you dare…

Everyone and their mother

Want to know what pisses the media off (and us)? It’s laziness. Don’t be the PR pro who pulls a media list, which is often outdated, and then proceeds to send the same pitch to all 547 contacts on the list. Hell, we get pitches because somehow we made it on someone’s list. WTF. 

Thanks for making our job harder a**hole, now we have to work twice as hard to even get a reporter to open our email.

What’s your name?

After you’re done sending that email to 1054 media contacts, you might be feeling a bit like upping your game. Maybe you’ll get crazy and send a pitch to Good Morning America and reference one of their recent interviews…but it wasn’t actually their interview, it was the TODAY Show. Great job Einstein.

Nothing illustrates how great you are at your job like confusing two network TV morning shows. 

Pure aggression

It’s been a week since you sent out 10,254 emails and no response! What the heck?!! How can this be? No one was interested in your uber generic, irrelevant pitch? And you worked so hard on it.

Your best bet is to send out another email to the 100,754 contacts and demand a response! How dare they ignore you! This will show them how serious you are and is also a surefire way to get yourself blocked. 

See what we mean? Spooky. Perhaps the saddest part about this blog, besides it being true, is most agencies embrace this approach and dazzle their clients with the amount of outreach they are doing, nevermind the results.
If you want great PR, you hire an agency like 8THIRTYFOUR. We put the time and effort in to get our clients results.

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