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It seemed like a good time to write a blog on empowering and lifting each other up. You might be working from home, but you can still pass on the positive vibes to others. We do live in the technology age.
As you know, the political environment is particularly contentious—for good reason—and that seems to be bleeding into every other relationship we have: family, co-workers, friends…you get the drift.
Here are some simple ways to spread the love and positivity no matter where you are.

Say Hello

It seems silly, but you never know who needs a text telling them to have a great day or just to let them know you are thinking of them. Start the morning off tomorrow by sending a message to someone in your thoughts.


We love sending notes (in the mail) just letting someone know they’re a badass. We like to compete on who has the best note cards or postcards. We highly encourage you to check out Pursuit Gift Shop, Rebel and other local shops to up your stationary game.

Care Package

This one takes a bit more time, but if you utilize Etsy, it’s as simple as putting in the individual’s shipping address and paying. Here are a few ideas.

A care box with a candle and body butter.
A yellow care package with a succulent, M&Ms, and a candle.
A fall care package with a mug, candle, tea, and flowers.

Get Crafty

The pandemic has us all on edge, and there are only so many Netflix specials or series you can watch before you slowly start to go crazy or turn into a 250 lb couch potato. Give the gift of crafts. We mean, is there anything better than learning a new skill? Whether it is needle point, candle making, embroidery or soap making…the point is doing something to keep your mind and hands occupied.

While times are especially weird right now, it’s important to stay positive and help others do the same. We’re not trying to sound preachy, but your mental health is important. You never know how much one act of kindness can affect another.

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