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Sick of PJs and a messy bun being your workday attire? Just because we aren’t heading to an office every day doesn’t mean you can’t shake up your workday by leaving your home. Gasp! It’s true. Slap on that mask and try these alternatives to your bed.

Coffee Shop

Is there anything better than being highly caffeinated for 8 straight hours? We don’t know about you, but there is something comforting about people clicking away on their laptops all working, sipping coffee and munching on bagels.


The smell of books is hands down the best smell in the entire world. Fight us on it. If you’re looking for a change of pace and want to see other humans, head to your local public library and revel in the silence and free wifi. While you’re there, check out the awesome programs they host.


Have you seen some of the sweet hotel lobbies in our community? Embassy Suites has a water fountain FFS. The Amway Grand Plaza has a hotel bar lobby, Starbucks and several restaurants to choose from. Did we mention the people watching? You never know who you might run into. Great networking opportunities…or day drinking? To each their own.


Fall in Michigan is the absolute best. Bundle up and head to one of our amazing city or county parks. Grab a blanket, some snacks and post up under a tree. Fall also means fewer bugs, so it’s pretty much the perfect time to be outside.


We’ve been known to frequent restaurants and bars for team outings that last all day. We mean, you can eat and drink all day. What isn’t there to like? Even in times like these, you can socially distance at a bar or restaurant and support those local businesses who need us now, more than ever. Don’t be a putz and take up space. Make sure you tip your servers and bartenders.


Local bookstores or chains…there is so much to love. We’ve already mentioned the smell of books, so we won’t go there again. Being surrounded by words is empowering. Take a break from work and purchase a journal and get to writing yourself or just grab some coffee, smell a book and get to work.

Working remotely doesn’t have to be boring. Get up and get out. Our mental health demands we adapt. Where is your favorite place to work? Let us know!

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