The Feel-Good Side of PR

A photo of 8THIRTYFOUR's PR specialist, Bri Zimmer, smiling at her desk.

A lot of people think that the public relations industry is just a game of manipulation, spin, and fluff, but trust us. 99% of what we do is write about really, really cool things that we just want other people to know about.
We love public relations, like a lot. So, we thought we’d explain its feel-good side and the reasons we wake up every morning excited to put in the work for our clients.

We Share Really Cool Things

Public Relations is 100% about creating an interesting narrative, finding feel-good stories and pitching the crap out of them because, honestly, that’s what most people want to read about anyway.
It’s our job as PR specialists to find the good in everything, and as a result, we hear a lot of amazing stories, talk to loads of different people, and share what they have to say.
Each of our clients is different and comes with their own background. That keeps us on our toes, and means we’re always tackling something new.

We Don’t Throw Money at It

The world of Public Relations is all about earning good and quality media for those feel-good pitches. Note the word we used: earn.
The word “earned” is what separates public relations from advertising. Rather than purchasing ads for our clients, we pitch stories, and build mutually beneficial relationships between the news outlets and viewers. What we do is hard and not always guaranteed, but it produces good content. Plus, stories can reach a more genuine audience in comparison to paid advertisements.
There is something oddly satisfying about earning what you get. Think back to your first paycheck. You probably felt some sort of accomplishment because you worked hard for it. The same goes for us with stories.
We EARN our media for our clients, and we are damn proud of it.

We Put You First

Because it’s a core value. Just saying.
If anything, working in public relations humbles you. Like in a Kendrick Lamar “sit down, be humble” kind of way.
For one, we get to tell other people’s amazing stories, and there are A LOT of cool people out there. Second, we don’t do what we do for credit. We know it’s not about us, and we don’t want it to be. It’s our job to facilitate and make sure other people’s amazing stories get told. That’s it.
Our clients are thrilled with the work and the coverage we get them, but more often than not, the work that we do goes unnoticed to the general public. If you think about it, we are almost like the hidden secret superheroes of the publishing world. We go in, pitch the story, and boom, bang, pow. News coverage. Talk about “with great power, comes great responsibility.”
Okay, that might be a stretch, but you know what we mean. We love the work we do and what we’re able to provide to our clients. That’s why we go undercover as behind-the-scenes negotiators and navigators.
Moral of the story? if you want someone to tell your amazing story, contact us.

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