4 Ways a Chatbot Can Help Your Website

Megan Leo pulls up a chatbot on a website at their desk in the 8THIRTYFOUR office.

Let’s face it: people are lazy. We don’t want to have to work hard to get information. No, people just want to grunt at an AI and have it do all the heavy lifting for us. Heaven forbid we have to actually talk to (gasp) another real, live human.
It’s that new modern style of laziness mixed with introversion that’s making chatbots more popular and effective than ever. In fact, many industry experts, including the team at 8THIRTYFOUR, are expecting chatbots to be one of the biggest digital trends not just for 2019, but for 2020, too. That’s huge when it comes to reaching all of us who don’t want to put in any effort.
Although bots don’t make sense in all circumstances or for all businesses, chatbots can provide value in a variety of ways. You just have to know what your goals are when you add one to your site.
Read on for our top four reasons why you should consider using a chatbot to reach your modern audience.

Increased Conversions

You’ve done everything right. You’re investing thousands of dollars into your website and you’re continuously dedicating resources to your marketing efforts to generate traffic. Hell, you’re even running digital ads and posting to social media on a strict, calculated schedule.
Yet, you’re still asking yourself the age-old question: what is my ROI?
If you don’t have conversion tracking set up on your site, we should talk. But, if you do, and you’re not happy with your conversion rate, a chatbot can be a great tool to bump this up and encourage more users to engage with you. (Can you say, “#leadgeneration?”)
Engaging with a chatbot can count as an event in and of itself, but the bot can help shepherd visitors towards actions that you’d like them to perform, which means a higher conversion rate and a better ROI.

Chatbots Make It Easy for Users

People move quickly online. Like, really quickly. If you have a deep site with multiple layers of content, it may be too much of a burden for users to find what they need. When something’s hard, that means that visitors are likely to navigate away, which is the last thing you want.
A chatbot can give your users an alternative method of finding content without having to look for it. All they have to do is ask your bot where to find something, and bam! The bot sends them the link. It’s that simple.

Customer Service, Where You Want It

Angry customers often flock to social media to vent. Often, to no fault of your own, you’ll have an angry client or customer who will turn to the digital space to tell others about their negative experience.
With a chatbot on your website, you won’t eliminate that practice altogether, but it can help cut back on it. Bots make it exceptionally easy for users to voice their concerns to you directly. Plus, some people enjoy venting to a bot because they feel like they can say things they’d never tell a human (that’s a little messed up, we know, but that’s humans for you).
Over time, users will begin to approach you for problems instead of venting to the hundreds of followers. That means you’ll be able to resolve most of their concerns before the issues make it to social media.

They’re Cost Effective

It might seem like a chunk of change up front, but think about it. Overhead and operating costs to train multiple customer service team members is way higher than the price to install an automated chatbot on your website.
Plus, when there are new features or updates, it’s easy to adjust your chatbot’s settings through a developer instead of investing in a whole training seminar or briefing. This perk makes chatbots attractive for smaller businesses that might not a ton of resources to invest in customer service.

Ask Yourself: Does a Chatbot Make Sense for You?

We get it. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the digital space. However, if you’re looking to increase conversions or handle large-scale customer service for an affordable rate, then a chatbot definitely makes sense for you.
Connect with us to find out more about how we can help you start using chatbot technology today.

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