Celebrating National Trivia Day

A paused video of Morgan giving the answers to our favorite trivia

As you may know, we love to celebrate national “holidays,” even the most absurd ones. January 4th is National Trivia Day, which is a holiday #Team834 can get behind. When we aren’t crushing it at our desks, we like to take fun trivia breaks that make for an interesting, and usually hilarious, team bonding experience.
We like to put each other’s knowledge to the test (whether it be industry-related, pop-culture, facts about team members, etc.), to help keep our brains moving, and to learn something that we may not have known before.
You’re probably thinking, “Wow, that sounds like a fun! I wish I could play trivia with Team 834!” We’ve gotcha covered. Below are some of our favorite trivia questions… but you’ll have to watch our video to find out the correct answers.

Who is often referred to as the “Father of Public Relations”?

a) Sigmund Freud
b) Edward Bernays
c) James Coving

Twitter’s iconic bird logo was named after who?

a) Big Bird
b) Larry Bird
c) Lady Bird Johnson

The first Instagram photo featured what animal?

a) Dog
b) Giraffe
c) Monkey
d) Cat

What causes red wine’s health benefits?

a) Tannins
b) Yeast
c) Grape skins

What is the #1 rule of personal branding

a) Be authentic
b) Create an alternate persona
c) Look good

What is something #Team834 always has readily available?

a) Sarcasm
b) Wine
c) Coffee
d) All of the above
Be sure to go watch our video and find out how many you answered correctly. Are you prepared to play trivia with #Team834 in real life? Give us a call and we’ll talk trivia and marketing needs.

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