5 Tools To Boost Your Productivity

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Sometimes it’s really hard to stay focused, stay organized, and stay on task. When this happens, it’s hard to be productive. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us and when those Monday-like days strike, you might need more than an extra cup of coffee to get back on track.
Don’t let unorganized files and lost documents get you down. Instead, get these apps that can help keep you focused, organized and productive!


Trello helps even the most unorganized people stay organized. Create boards for all the projects you’re working on and then save notes, images, links, tasks and anything else pertaining to that project on that board. Make to-do lists, assign tasks, comment on items, upload files, and more. Use the free version or upgrade for even more options.


Keep all of your notes in one place, across all devices. Evernote claims to be your second brain and, if you’re on board, it probably could be. By creating notes, you can save everything you come across on the internet in one location. No more wondering where you put that article you loved or that image that gave you a great idea. Add a note, then find it again simply by searching. Add images, links, and even add an extension to your browser to save articles and websites without closing the window.


Stop sending email after email and creating long, complicated threads with multiple recipients just to schedule meetings. Instead, send a Doodle poll. Suggest multiple dates and times for meetings or activities and then ask attendees to vote on the times that work best for them. Once all results are in, cross reference and find the time that works for everyone. No more emails. No more noise. Just a few clicks and you’re done!

Google Drive

Recently, I heard a fellow writer describing a writer’s worst nightmare; her computer crashed and she lost a ton of her work. I wanted to grab her shoulders and say, “Just use Drive!” Never lose another document. Never forget which version you’re on or lose edits while saving and resaving. Just use Google Drive. Start a doc. Invite colleagues to collaborate. Work on the document together. Suggest changes. See past versions. The best part? While you’re working, your work gets saved. No save buttons. No new files. Ok, I really like Drive…I’m done now…


While the Pomodoro Technique itself isn’t an actual app, there are multiple apps that utilize it. The Pomodoro Technique simply utilizes short bursts of productivity to get stuff done. Basically, you work in super focused sprints, then take a break. You set a timer for 25 minutes and turn off all distractions, only working on that one thing until the timer goes off. Then, you take a five-minute break. Do this 4 times and then take a longer break. There are a number of apps that will not only work as your timer but also let you track what you’re working on, when you finish it, and your future tasks.
So, what are you waiting for? Get to work! And call us if you need an app suggestion, shouts of encouragement, or a stiff drink.

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