How to Keep Momentum Going During the Summer

Several people sit around a table while discussing business and enjoying lunch.

The grind can be tough when the sun is shining and you can’t shut down for an afternoon extravaganza. We’ve come up with a few ways to enjoy the summer, and still stay motivated at work.

Here’s how we recommend getting shit done:


Just do it.

Entrepreneur Magazine asked several experts including sports athletes and happiness experts how to stay motivated. The results showed that the best way to stay motivated is to keep up the pace, but beyond exercise. We recommend trying different ways to balance focusing on your work, while still giving yourself time to pause.

Break out.

If you decide to take a break, leave the desk. That means your computer and, for the brave risk-takers, your phone. At 834 we often go for lunchtime walks to clear our head and combat our stressors. Not able to hit the pavement? Go grab some water (at 834, it’s coffee) or invite a coworker to roam the halls for a few minutes. Stretch your legs and give your mind a rest, away from distractions.

Change things up.

Make changes to your routine. Depending on your organization’s culture, you may have some flexibility in where, and when, you work. When we need to spend a chunk of time being “unavailable” we love heading to the nearest coffee shop as a change of scenery. Outside of work hours, organize an impromptu happy hour with your faves or hit up the dog park to enjoy the long summer days. For the latter, we recommend having a dog – you can borrow one from us, we have several.

Be balanced (sort of).

I think can all agree that summer is amazing. Sunshine, cocktails, BBQs, outdoor adventures…did we mention cocktails? These are all great ways to reconnect with people while enjoying some of the best of what Michigan has to offer. We often pack our weekends to get in every ounce of sunshine before we have to be in the office, which can leave us exhausted during the week. Use some of the weekdays to recharge from busy weekends by staying hydrated and getting enough sleep.

Team Up!

Do something together as a team. Part of what makes our culture at 834 so great is that we can tolerate seeing each other in social settings. Sometimes, we even like it. When it’s time to celebrate a team success or distress from a busy day, we take a walk down to the local pub and enjoy happy hour and snacks on their patio.
Life is crazy. Take time to pause and reflect on the ‘wins’ you’ve individually experienced, and ones you’ve experienced as a team.

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