How Facebook Live can help your business grow

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Oh, the ever changing Facebook algorithm…
If you struggle to stay up to date on the Facebook news feed changes, you’re not alone. One of the latest updates Facebook has made is prioritizing live video content that captivates users attention for longer periods of time. It’s no surprise that Facebook really cares for their Live feature, as they’ve created the following perks for their latest attention grabbing feature:

  • Notifies friends and followers when you are live.
  • Allows pages to schedule a live video.
  • All of these officially announced updates.
    • Live stream from the desktop.
    • Invite live contributors without granting page access.
    • Live video in Facebook groups.
    • Video insights and analytics.
    • Comment pinning.
    • Permalinks
    • Crossposting of previous live sessions

Video can be scary to jump into, especially when it is live, but there are a lot of benefits to your business.

Play the algorithm game and get noticed.

So many businesses complain that their Facebook pages are losing engagement and impressions, yet this occurs because businesses aren’t adapting to the latest algorithm. By implementing more Facebook Live content, businesses can get in front of their competitors in an organic way. This also allows employers to avoid paying to be that intrusive (and annoying) sponsored ad at the top of the Facebook feed. By implementing Facebook Live, you’ll be at the top of the feed regardless.

Go beyond your comfort zone and create truly engaging content.

Break through the noise by doing what others are not. Be ahead of competitors by creating engaging Facebook Live content, because as we previously stated, chances are you’ll be at the top of the user’s Facebook feed. The point of Facebook Live is to increase engagement and collaboration efforts. While live, users are able to ask you direct questions and provide real time feedback. There is no better way to engage with your audiences.

Perfection isn’t necessary.

You don’t need to be picture perfect to make an impression with Facebook Live. You only need a good connection, a projecting voice, and a planned purpose for your video. The imperfections of Facebook Live allows you to seem more personable with your audience, which is always a plus.
Our word of advice: Stay ahead of the curve, and start implementing live video before Mark Zuckerberg changes the Facebook algorithm, yet again. If you’re not convinced, take a look at these business success stories.

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