On Social Media Show, Don't Tell

If you want to keep followers engaged on social media, you need to shut the hell up.
Not quite following? Let me give you a little scenario:

We're not bad friends. We are generous with dog pictures.
We’re not bad friends. We are generous with dog pictures.

Your friend texts you and says “OMG I saw the cutest dog!” with 14 emojis.
It’s a really lame text. Why?
If you have done this to a friend before, never do it again. You’re basically a horrible friend who withholds dog pictures.
But, if you’re a social media manager and you tweet or post on Facebook about this “cutest dog,” well that’s a completely different situation. If you’re friend sends you a text and doesn’t deliver on the cute goods, you’re not going to immediately shut them out of your life. However, if you’re managing a brand and you don’t deliver on the cute goods (if those are the goods you’re aiming for — I don’t know your life), then you’re at risk for some unfollowers.
People want to see what’s happening within your company. They don’t want to read six lines of text going into great detail about a new 6,000-calorie brownie you’re rolling out on your menu. They want your to SHOW. THEM. THE. DAMN. BROWNIE.
We're not rude -- we're working
We’re not rude — we’re working

Just recently, Team 834 had to cover multiple social media channels for our client Zazios‘ reopening and rebranding. If you we’re an outsider looking at us, well, you’d see what looked like rude people on their phones. BUT. If you followed our channels, you’d see unique photos and captions, real-time updates and follower engagement. Huge difference.
The most important part of showing and not telling is following the action in order to properly update your followers. This method requires you to skillfully channel your introvert and extrovert sides. If you get too caught up in the action, you’ll forget you have a job to do. If you get too caught up in social media, however, you’ll miss out on the action. You need to balance the two in order to tell a great story through social media.
Last week, Team 834 covered the “Shark Tank” watch party for our client, Shefit. During the live coverage, we utilized our team so we could show the followers of Shefit and 834 what the energy in the room was like. Our team was dispersed all throughout the banquet room, getting shots of the food, the bar, the people and most importantly, the client. When Shefit’s segment came up and it was announced that they cut a deal with shark Daymond John, we were there, ready to get the reaction. And, well, it’s better if we show you instead of tell.

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