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In today’s world with knowledge only a keyboard click away, the amount of information can be overwhelming. We’ve picked out some of our favorite online design tools to share with you.
Aspect Ratio Calculator
Coding is hard enough without calculating new dimensions for your resized image. The aspect ratio calculator formats your images keeping the original ratio and presents you with new dimensions. Simply enter your image’s original dimensions and then enter your desired width. Poof! You have your corresponding height.

Hex Color Finder
You’ve chosen your website’s hero image but now need to adjust your color scheme. Forget the guess and check method and don’t even think about opening Illustrator! This color finder has you covered. Drop in an image, drag your eyedropper to the color of your choice and go!

Colors of Summer-02Adobe Kuler
The king of color inspiration. Search by keyword through color pallets already crafted or create your own. Pull in an image for inspiration and then sync it directly with your Adobe programs so it’s at your fingertips  next time you’re designing.

Envato Market
Images, Graphics, templates, website themes, plugins and so much more. Envato is your one-stop shop for all things design. Interested in dipping your toes into video production? Envato even has music, video clips and animation sequences for purchase.

Finding images on a budget is difficult and can be quite a time-consuming task for designers. Start creating an image database of your licensed and royalty free images to pull from for your future design needs.
Did you know you can get Shutterstock images for free? Ok, that’s somewhat misleading. The Shutterstock blog picks two images (1 image / 1 vector) every week for a free download. It’s a great way to download interesting images and jump-start your collection.
The hipster of royalty free images. Unsplash is a great resource for slightly desaturated images of nature, coffee and lifestyle photography.
And just because we can never choose our favorite when it comes to free image websites, here are few more we use.
Public Domain Archive
RGB Stock Images
Free Images
Now that you’ve met some of our best friends here at 834, it’s time to start designing and make some of your own!

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