Sending Your Last Minute Holiday Cards

Christmas is three days away and, during your mad wrapping dash around the house, you stumble upon the pile of Christmas cards that began arriving from family and friends after Thanksgiving. And then it clicks… that’s what you forgot to order this year.
We all know how hectic the holidays can be. Add on the time (and money) it takes to personally sign and address Christmas cards, and you may be working through the New Year. Do you even know everyone’s address? Sending holiday cards doesn’t need to be an expensive, methodically planned process; instead, check out these sites to send online greeting cards and avoid the stresses of designing, ordering and mailing. Consider this our digital present of stress-free holiday cheer to you.
Hipster Cards
Sending an eCard couldn’t possibly be any easier than Hipster Cards. Simply choose the design you love, insert recipients, type a personalized message (if you so choose) and send it on its merry way. While Hipster Cards does not offer any card customization, they have a wide assortment of cute, funny and cheeky designs for any greeting occasion. If you have 500 friends on your nice list this year, Hipster Cards is the way to go. Hipster Cards only allows five recipients to be entered when sending a card; to send more, simply repeat the process.
Punch Bowl
With Punch Bowl, your card recipient gets the full greeting card experience. Upon sending a card, a digital envelope will appear in your recipient’s mailbox for them to open and explore. This site offers many free customizable cards, envelopes and envelope liners to send to your family and friends. If you’re a little forgetful this year, you can include your nephew’s Best Buy gift card you should’ve sent last week.
Punch Bowl also allows you to import your contact list from your address book and choose who from that list will receive a card this holiday season. We love the option to resend the eCard to only those from your list that have not viewed it yet.
Punch Bowl does offer a premium membership that will remove the advertisements shown in cards you send in addition to customizing your postage, fonts, images and envelope liners.
Paperless Post
Paperless Post is by far our favorite, boasting the same benefits of Punch Bowl with even more beautifully designed cards and a user-friendly interface. Send a card and your recipient can have the full tactile experience of opening an envelope and card through the digital world. Paperless Post provides you with both print and online card options for everything from corporate events (with built-in RSVP and guest lists) to the cutest holiday cards. Though Paperless Post does have a few fees here and there to create premium designs and card sending experience, there are still great completely free digital cards to customize and send.
Need help with colors, photo retouching, creating a monogram or just overall design? Paperless Post gives you the opportunity to consult with a design specialist to make sure your cards are perfect for you.
Next time you send a mass of holiday cards or invitations, think twice and set your pen down. These awesome sites can help you out sans the muss and fuss.

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