Post-Thanksgiving #YourBizYourTown

Anyone else shaming themselves for overeating last week? Dang you delicious mashed potatoes and corn…
Well wake-up and kick this days booty. Start it off by being inspired by all the great happenings and initiatives in #GRMI and no it isn’t another list, but it is some cool peeps.
GVSU, you are my alma mater and it would appear you are still churning out some pretty great young people. Several advertising and public relations students at Grand Valley created and produced a video for Ford Motor Company that embodies their slogan “Go Further.” The school is competing against 3 others in the state. The winner will be determined by the amount of views, so share and share and share…and watch it. Talk about inspiring, they found a man that has made it is his personal mission to save trees that would otherwise go extinct…oh, and everyone told him it was impossible. Watch it here.
Moving on to the holidays…it is not secret that we are crazy excited about Christmas, we were listening to Christmas music in November. So we are thrilled about the work Fubble Entertainment is doing to bring the holidays of the 1960s back to Grand Rapids. Not only are they decorating parts of downtown, they are also taping and airing a holiday special on Wood TV 8. They are inviting the community to attend a LIVE taping at Wealthy Street Theatre on December 15th, at 7:30 p.m. Be there early to get a great seat…and dress in garb from the 1950s and 60s. The special will be aired on WOOD TV: December 24 @ 7 p.m., December 25 @ 5 p.m. and December 26 at 11 a.m. and on WOTV December 26 at 7 p.m. For more info go to 
Part of the reasons Grand Rapids continues to make all those lists is due to the work of the Right Place, Inc. Serving West Michigan since 1985, The Right Place, Inc. is a regional non-profit economic development organization supported through investments from the private and public sector. The Right Place drives regional Economic Development initiatives to stimulate economic growth, wealth creation, and operational excellence by focusing on productivity, innovation, and the retention and creation of quality employment in the West Michigan community.
Most recently the group held the event ReThink West Michigan, which asked professionals that were back visiting their families for the holiday to stop by and chat with local companies that are hiring and consider returning to our great state. The event was a huge success and hopefully those that attended will return.
Coming up the 16th is the 2015 Economic Outlook for West Michigan. George Erickcek, Senior Regional Analyst of the Upjohn Institute will review regional, state and national industry trends as they relate to West Michigan, providing employment projections and an overall economic forecast for our area. Find out more here.
Interested in joining Shelley Irwin and myself for #YourBizYourTown? Shoot me an email at with your pitch.
Happy over-eating!

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