Designing an Atmosphere

There’s a lot more to planning an event than, well, simply planning the damn thing. It takes massive amounts of energy and dedication to properly execute event logistics and planning (not to mention manpower). Beyond creating an event that flows smoothly with enough food and booze to keep guests happy, there is another level of event depth — atmosphere. How is atmosphere created? What happens between mind and execution? Design.
Start with a logo.
An event logo should set the aesthetic and atmosphere one would expect of your event. It should represent your theme, audience, atmosphere and overall event goal(s). The importance of a logo does not need much explanation, especially in an event setting. Need help? Read more of our recent blogs for advice on Getting to Love Logos and ways to Extend Your Brand.
Create an atmosphere.
Will your decorations influence your logo or vice versa? While there isn’t a right or wrong answer, it is important to ensure both complement one another when presented simultaneously at your event. For example: We recently host a fall carnival-themed event for our fantastic client, BISSELL Pet Foundation. To marry design and theme, we incorporated oranges and reds with carnival stripes, corn stalks and hay bales — creating an atmosphere. The last thing you want is people showing up to your event with invitation in-hand thinking they’ve arrived at the wrong place. Imagine receiving an elegantly designed invitation printed on beautiful metallic paper only to arrive at a hole-in-the-wall venue with no decorations. Doesn’t really fit, does it? Your brand and event should be cohesive.
Design your event collateral.
Once your logo is finalized, you can start thinking about event collateral. A program is a great way to share your event schedule, map, list of sponsors, raffle prizes and more. Thinking outside of the box? Try designing custom raffle tickets, pens, name tags or napkins. The options for branding are endless — play around and see what you can do!
Don’t forget the signage.
If your event has vendors, catering, sponsors, charities or raffle prizes, give them a shout and help your guests know who is who by designing a sign for them that fits into your brand and event theme. Experiment with shape, size and orientation of your signs to avoid a monotonous environment littered with signage.
Bonus: everyone needs a photo booth!
How do you continue the media and hype of your event even after it’s over? That’s right, friends… a photo booth. Find a fun backdrop reflective of your theme or make it a sponsor wall. Don’t forget to make props! Photo booths are a great way to drive attendees back to your social media or website after the event. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a goofy mustache photo?

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