Fall Color Inspiration for Seasonal Design

As much as we hate (or love) to admit it, the first chilly days of fall have arrived — cue light jackets, chunky sweaters, [spiked] apple cider and the liquid gold that is a pumpkin spice latte. While this season brings many changes, the greatest is the gift of color. In anticipation of changing leaves and color tours ahead, we’ve pulled our favorite fall color schemes for you to use as inspiration for your upcoming seasonal designs, decor and perfectly layered attire.
Fall colors-01
It’s a Grey Day
The typical go-to for fall colors is an abundance of reds, oranges and yellows; however, we can’t ignore the grey days mixed in with the faltering sunshine of indian summer’s final days. Don’t let the grey get you down! As dreary as fall weather can be, the darker hues and scenery can be gorgeous. Try playing with muted purples, slate blues and earthy greens for calming palettes with an added pinch of sophistication. Too drab? Adding a pop of orange or yellow into these color schemes can act as a nice accent and bring the lively energy your design may be missing.
Muted colors also play well into the shabby chic, rustic, vintage inspiration cluttering our “DIY” Pinterest boards (we all have one… or 10). Channel your favorite fall holiday memories with family to serve as inspiration for creating vintage designs to complement this color scheme.
Fall colors-03
The Fallen Leaves
Transitioning to the classic colors of fall while still maintaining muted and calming tones, this palette is inspired by the vast array of leaf colors falling around us. The range of shades throughout this color scheme create a highly balanced palette with versatility given across the spectrum of warm (red, orange and yellow) to cool (purple and bluegreen). Creating a palette with a wide range of colors and shades sets you up to create a multitude of combinations, which proves extra handy when designing a large collection of collateral pieces for a project with different subsets or layouts.
Fall colors-04
The Height of Fall
The height of the fall season is signified by the burnt oranges and vibrant yellows we’ve all come to know and love. Bright colors create youthfulness and movement in any design, making this louder color scheme a great fit for event collateral geared toward a younger audience or designs in need of high energy. Try introducing shades of browns, greens or blues into this color scheme to see how the balance and atmosphere changes.
Fall colors-02
The Imminent October
Leaving the oranges behind, this color palette focuses on the ruby reds gracing Michigan’s beautiful maples and oaks. Bridging the gap between bright and muted colors, this palette works well for any fall-themed event and lends itself well to more upbeat or modern designs.
Now that you’re feeling inspired, throw on your favorite jacket and chunky scarf, swing by Biggby for a pumpkin spice latte, turn on the perfect autumn-inspired playlist on 8tracks and design, design, design!

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