Your Biz Your Town – The January Edition

Your Biz Your Town January 2014On this especially cold and snowy day, Your Biz Your Town on WGVU’s Morning Show with Shelley Irwin is featuring two great companies experiencing exceptional growth in Grand Rapids.
Generation Care is a a “total care” rehabilitation and wellness organization dedicated to all ages and conditions, even the most complex cases. They provide a host of services including: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology; Pilates Studio; Wellness classes; Aquatic, Specialty, Educational and Bridge Programs.
With locations in Grand Haven, Muskegon and soon-to-be open Grand Rapids, this organization is growing and adapting with the changing health care landscape. Quite impressive.
They have a community open house scheduled for March. Head over to their Grand Rapids location and check them out!
We are lucky enough to share a building with our other guest, i3 Business Solutions. i3 Business Solutions is a consulting firm that provides information technology (IT) and computer networking services to small- to mid-sized organizations in the West Michigan area. Based in Grand Rapids for more than 20 years, i3’s services and solutions include total information technology outsourcing and managed services, cloud computing, server installation, network management, disaster recovery, network security, backup services and IT staffing.
We love them for their cloud services. With as much information and data that 834 has floating around, we need a central location where all staff can access files; anywhere, any time. Seriously! We don’t understand why some companies are still using USBs or even worse… discs. If you are a growing company, the cloud will keep your data protected, organized and easily accessible.
The Jason Kinzler Foundation is a phenomenal nonprofit in town that provides guidance, support, direct and/or indirect financial assistance and general charitable relief to or for the benefit of families with minor children who have unexpectedly lost one or both caregivers through sudden death.
Some of you may remember that Jason Kinzler passed away while running the Fifth Third Riverbank Run in May 2011. Jason, a pillar of health and fitness, left behind his wife Kristi and three beautiful children, ages 10, 8, and 6. Jason was the consummate family man, always putting his family first. In 2012 Kristi, along with some of the Kinzler’s closest friends, began work on the Jason Kinzler Family First Foundation.
This coming May they are holding their 2014 Annual Dinner featuring Notre Dame football coach, Brian Kelly. Buy tickets here.
As always, if you are interested in being on Your Biz Your Town, email

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