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When it comes to internship programs, 834 Design & Marketing is the Gru to a sea of not-so-yellow minions. Although their work responsibilities are a little different than Gru’s minions, we’re sure they could chase down villains or throw a killer dance party if we put it on their Basecamp to-do list. They’re still working on perfecting the silly accents, though.

Our interns plug away at research, writing, editing and brainstorming on a daily basis, graciously keeping us from sweating the small (and giant) stuff while we work diligently to deliver for our clients. As an added bonus, this group of interns wrangles the dishes and trash with expert precision and zero complaints.

This semester our intern army is comprised of six Grand Valley State University and Cornerstone University students—Hayley, Manda, Christon, Ellie, Kyle and Kristen. When faced with the tough decision of replacing our soon-to-be-greatly-missed PR Book Club monthly blog , we felt it only right to pass the buck to our interns. They have successfully transitioned into managing and curating content for The Green Result blog and social media and, because this is the world of public relations, good behavior is naturally rewarded with more writing assignments. (This must be where our Gru evil genius comes in).

After much brainstorming and deliberation, our interns are pleased to announce the launch of their blog, “The 8’s, 3’s and 4’s of Interning.” They all get gold stars in the form of candy for their creativity on this one. Each blog will feature advice and chronicle first-hand experiences from the perspective of an intern, serving as a great resource for students and providing insight to professionals managing internship programs for their company. The blog will post the third Monday of each month.

Excited? So are we! What would you like to see our interns cover? Hayley VanOeveren, a December 2013 communications graduate of Grand Valley State University, is the first contributor. Stay tuned for her blog on December 16!

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